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How to make your hair grow faster

When you cut your hair too short accidently, do you wish to restore your hair to the originalwithin

one night? Although there is nothing can help you except hair extensions, but you can actually make

 your hair grow faster through adjusting your physical state.


Vary your diet

A healthy dietary habit, for example having enough protein and nutritions, is surely can give

your hair more nutrient. Dr. Gervaise, a doctor of NewYork cosmetic and dermatology dep

artment, recommended people to intake more omega-3 fatty acids.

You can get it through eating salmon. Besides, nut is also a good raw material of nutritions,

especially almond.


Don’t go on a diet

Dr. Gervaise says that the status of the weight ups and downs cannot only hurt our health,

but also has a bad impact on our hair. When you go on a diet, nutritions for hair will be aut

omatically reduced to ensure the normal physiological metabolism. It is difficult to grow lon

g hair with the lack of necessary nutrients.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.




Over the years we’ve watched in awe as Vanessa Hudgens’ hair has changed so much。From super short to super long (not to mention everything in between), Vanessa Hudgens’ hair has been spotted rocking pretty much every single ‘do in the book.
Let’s take a look at some of Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s most memorable moments, shall we?

Back in 2011, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair went – apparently – short, when she graced the red carpet at the premiere of her movie Sucker Punch with a beautifully chic faux bob. We absolutely loved this shoulder-grazing look on Vanessa, so we were especially pleased when she went on to chop off her locks for real! Styled into a Frankie Sandford-esque pixie cut, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair was the epitome of laid-back, girly chic – but as it was for a film role, it didn’t stick around for long. In fact, as her tresses grew back, the crop was swiftly replaced with a luxuriant lob. It was shiny, it was healthy-looking, and it complemented her face shape perfectly (and we weren’t jealous at all).

When Vanessa Hudgens’ hair had grown back to its former jaw-dropping lengths (with the help of a good few extensions, we suspect), little did we know it at the time, but in 2013 we were in for a bevy of texture-based treats from the brunette starlet. From relaxed, boho waves to a mane of beautifully thick, side-swept ringlets, Vanessa Hudgens’ hair was always perfectly primped and preened. She even decided to ditch her trademark curls in favour of super sleek, straight hair for the amFAR Inspiration Gala – and of course, she pulled the look off with finesse. We weren’t at all surprised – simple and stylish is what Vanessa Hudgens’ hair does best!

Next up came Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s foray into the world of ombré. Starting off with a crown-like dip-dyed braid that split public opinion (for the record, we loved it), Vanessa then moved on to a colourful-as-can-be ombré homage to autumn leaves (as you do). It was weird, but the combination of auburn, brown and burnished yellow tones certainly worked! We wonder if Vanessa’s previous dabblings with the dye bottle inspired her latest ‘mermaid hair’ creation? Whatever provoked Vanessa Hudgens’ hair’s latest blonde incarnation, it’s most definitely got our Dirty Looks seal of approval; long, flaxen and tousled is totally our thing!

Hollywood Classic Celebrity Hairstyle, Never a Has-been in 30 Years

In the entertainment industry, faces are always changing but not the hairstyles. Hollywood is famous for the classic hairstyles. Stars in Hollywood, their hairstyles are always followed by common people and celebrities in all over the world. They are trend settlers and leaders of the she-fashion. There remains some classic hairstyles record the past of Hollywood super stars and stand for the current trend of fashion. Let us look at together.


Super short pixies of Elizabeth Taylor at Academy Awards ceremony,1954. Short hair makes Elizabeth more sexier and highlights her beautiful big eyes.


Revived Retro Waves of Lauren Bacall at Academy Awards ceremony,1955. A beauty in a Classic romance movie.

Marilyn Monroe has, for generations, been a sex symbol. Her big soft curls and sexy style are legendary.

Audrey Hepburn’s beehive hairdo, which gained popularity in the classic romantic film ‘Roman Holiday’ with a short bang about mid forehead.

Sienna Miller does old Hollywood glamour, side part fringe, long curl waves.

5 Most Popular Celebrity Hairstyle in 2013

Another year has passed. The New Year parties seem endless; everywhere people are attending the celebrations. However, the majority will find that their wardrobes are limited. Therefore how do you catch the attention of others? How about a change in hairstyle? Lets take a look at the five most famous celebrity hairstyles of 2013.

Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s short hair and edgy layers give her a lady of high fashion look. This popular short straight bob is tapered into the nape with jagged layers angled down along the jaw-line. The length is just long enough to be tucked behind the ears. This casual short straight haircut is great for Round, Oval, Heart, and Triangular shaped faces.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez with long side swooped bangs, and a side twisted fish tail braid.

Anna Sophia

Anna Sophia Robb’s, chic and casual bun is super flattering and easy to do.

Anne Hathaway

Stepping out at the Dark Knight Rises premiere, Anne Hathaway shows off her new super-short pixie crop. Anne had all her locks chopped while shooting Les Misérables, in which she portrays Fantine with a career-defining performance.

Fearne Cotton

Fearne Cotton has dyed her hair pink, again! It’s official: she loves her candy floss pink do.

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