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2016 Trendy Women’s Hair Style

In 2016, longshort and medium all hair lengths are popular among women, their styles are very amazing and attractive. A successful haircut and a beautiful hairstyle – is the key to the success of every woman. But even if you have already found your hair-style, no harm will explore the latest trends for the current season.

Here are some fashionable and popular hairstyles of this year are given below. Must watch them, these may be helpful to carry new and trendy new look.


Short hair:

Owners of short hair should make excursions into the past and recall of haircut in the distant 60s. Stylists agree that it is the retro trend for short haircuts this summer will be at the peak of popularity. Which do you choose: Bob bob, asymmetrical bob or Bob oblique fringe – it is a matter of taste and what is right for your style and shape of the face.


The average length of hair:

This is precisely the length preferred by most women, but not all are able to get right into a fashionable wave and hair done as part of their stylish image. This season stylists and barbers are advised to pay attention to the elongated square, which can be supplemented with different variations of bangs. Is good and that is what 2016 gives the “green light” as a mirror smooth styling, and indiscriminate volume and graded haircuts, so you can safely experiment with images.


Long hair:

Owners of the long head of hair provided a maximum range of hair styling, hairstyles and haircuts. Pay close attention to the cascading hair cut, which is not only universal for any hair, but also very popular. Romantic curls, and a crazy amount of deliberately sloppy, smooth straight styling – all fashionable and relevant in this year.


How to make your hair grow faster

When you cut your hair too short accidently, do you wish to restore your hair to the originalwithin

one night? Although there is nothing can help you except hair extensions, but you can actually make

 your hair grow faster through adjusting your physical state.


Vary your diet

A healthy dietary habit, for example having enough protein and nutritions, is surely can give

your hair more nutrient. Dr. Gervaise, a doctor of NewYork cosmetic and dermatology dep

artment, recommended people to intake more omega-3 fatty acids.

You can get it through eating salmon. Besides, nut is also a good raw material of nutritions,

especially almond.


Don’t go on a diet

Dr. Gervaise says that the status of the weight ups and downs cannot only hurt our health,

but also has a bad impact on our hair. When you go on a diet, nutritions for hair will be aut

omatically reduced to ensure the normal physiological metabolism. It is difficult to grow lon

g hair with the lack of necessary nutrients.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.



The History of African American Women’s hair I

Most blacks in America come from West Africa, where people’s hairs are all kinky, loosely curled or flowing. In the 1400s and 1500s, there were all kinds of beautiful hairstyles. Women had the right kind of oils and combs to do them. Some took hours, while some even took days. Only the maid and the mourning did not do their hair.


Then 1500s witnessed slave ships from Europe. As soon as the colonist caught the natives, they would cut off their hairs. It was merely the beginning of a long process of wiping out the culture and identity. In this way, colonist intent to better control the blacks by breaking their spirits.. Slaves began to arrive in America in the 1600s.


During the time from 1600s to 1700s, American slaves often overworked or stressed out to death owing to cruel exploitation. There was little time left for things like beautiful African hairstyles. So most women covered their hair in a rag. Not only to hide their undone hair but sometimes to even hide things like ringworms, which left places on your head where no hair would grow. Luckily, women who worked indoors were able to do their hair. For them braiding was just common things.

In the 1800s the slave ships stopped coming from Africa. That meant slaves in America could no longer work so hard: their lives were now worth more ($1500 and up). So they started getting Sundays off and have some time to do their hair. So they would still cover their hair in a rag during the week days but uncover it on Sundays for church.


There are two reasons about the changes:
The lack of hair care products: No palm oil or the right kind of combs were sold in America. So women had to handle their hair with butter and bacon grease and the carding combs of sheep.
The idea of “good hair” and “bad hair”: Living in a country of white racists made black women see kinky hair as “bad hair” and straight, flowing hair as “good hair”. So they tried to straighten their hair even if it meant using dangerous chemicals like lye (which they mixed with potatoes).

After the civil war when the slaves were freed the idea of good hair, if anything, grew stronger: the blacks who had been freed before the war wanted to hang on to their position at the top of black society, so they used as their excuse their light skin – and “good hair”.

Popular lace wig among black women

In recent years, full lace wigs for black women have become increasingly popular. After discovering that African-American starlets and R&B singers such as Beyonce achieved their flawless tresses via full lace wigs, fashion-forward and hair conscience women everywhere have been clamoring to purchase their very own.

The black women’s hair is hard to style and straighten because it’s very thick and curly so the most of them choose to wear wigs.

To choose the full lace wig for black women, the right texture, length and color are very important. We’ll focus on the texture and color as these are the biggest signs that the hair you are wearing wasn’t grown by your head.

First is the color,the color including the hair color and lace color, for the hair color, the darker the skin are, the darker the hair should be. So the color popular among the black women is #1, natural black, #1B and #2. Make sure the color of the skin suits the color of the wig, so it looks much natural.

For the lace color, the black women use most is medium brown and dark brown, because it match the black women’s skin color perfectly.

Second is the hair texture. The hair texture popular among the black women as below: yaki, kinky curl, kinky straight, afro curl

The Yaki texture:

Yaki Texture

Kinky curl:

kinky curl

Kinky straight

kinky straight

Afro curl

Afro curl

The hair length they like is different from 12 inch to 28 inch.

Full lace wigs for black women have become all the rage and with good reason. They give women a lot of versatility when it comes to styling their hair. At the end of the day, the truth is that full lace wigs for black women allow women to instantly add length, thickness and rock a celebrity-worthy hairstyle, whenever they desire.

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