The game of thrones review: we’re serious about vintage hairstyles


The sixth season of “game of thrones” is officially released. Why is it so good? Apart from the plot, it is believed that the beautiful shape of the actors have a relationship! Although numerous actors, but production team don’t careless, even a small role, she is dressed in beautiful costumes, the actors and the hairstyle is very perfect, can see stylist of thoughts and ideas.


Look back to the most beautiful hairstyle demonstration in the last five seasons, and each look is quite classic. The first thing to say is the dragon mother! The birth of the storm, the immolator, queen of the Miriam, khaleesi… These terms are nothing, she is really a magical woman, the soul has magic, the body is full of magic!


From her hairstyle she can see the ups and downs of her life, and when she should do something, she always has the time. It’s hard not to love! The first appearance is a girl’s pure appearance, silver-blond hair, retro mid-volume, with the extremely attractive violet blue eyes, as if a glance can be absorbed into her.


Daenerys is petite and beautiful, but in the presence of the tall, mighty dothraki, she is calm and charming, and has conquered her princes. Although there is no gorgeous dress, a simple gray skirt is enough, is still time and proportion of large deflection points, on both sides of the hair with hair low-key, two beams of hair back around, the rest of the hair behind. She has been slowly growing.


Daenerys and khal drogo’s marriage was a turning point in her life, and she grew up to be a tough and confident woman. After a few hardships, she was more and more radiant, and her whole body exuded a woman’s irresistible charm. On the day of the meeting, her hair was still covered in a little curl, with a small twist on the right side of her hair, hidden in her long hair, looming beautiful!

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