Undoubtedly, Hair extensions are currently the most used hairstyling product in Hollywood.

In recent years, due to the influence of Hollywood’s big named stars, such as Jessica Simpson, Megon Fox and Beyonce, clip-in hair extensions are becoming popular in the fashion world. Meanwhile, clip in hair extensions are also the easiest and safest products to add length, color or volume to your real hair.

Many Celebrities and starlets use clip in extensions. It’s true that almost every blockbuster movie during the last decade features an actress;using clip in extensions. Sometimes the Hollywood stars need to film long hours everyday and for that reason have to often change their wardrobe and hair. This is when hair extensions come into play. They no longer need to apply and take away any traditional extensions; on the other hand, Hollywood stylists prefer to utilize the clip in extensions in order to save time.

clip in hair

There are also other reasons for its popularity.

Clip-in hair extensions provide the perfect alternative to permanent hair extensions. Permanent heat fusion extensions are installed in salons and can be expensive. Besides, the permanent extensions for your hair can take a great deal of installation time. While temporary hair solutions like clip-in hair extensions are more affordable and easier to maintain. These accessories have gained popularity since they can be removed if need.

Hair extensions are definitely the easiest form of extensions to make use of because they do not require special bonding, weaving and girls with little to no hair extension experience can continue to apply them naturally without having to study hairdressing. These extensions feature easy to install hooks or clasps that securely fasten and naturally blend into your existing hair. Which means anyone can easily apply the extensions in a very short amount of time and still maintain the completely natural look

clip in hair extension

Clip-in hair extensions work with most hair types and will generally not cause hair breakage. At the same time, they are the perfect Do-It- Yourself system. They only need a short amount of time to apply to your existing hair. With these hair extensions, you can get a salon result without spending money and time in an actual hair salon

clip in

Clip in extensions are virtually undetectable. They provide a natural look and feel for unlimited styling versatility. No more waiting for your hair to grow, with clip-in hair extensions, it is easy to have long and volume enhanced hair in just a few minutes. They are perfect if you want to turn your hair into beautiful flowing locks instantly. So clip-ins are good for a party, a special date or just whenever you want to look different for the day. They are much cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions.

clip in hair extensions

To sum up, the advantages of clip in hair extension is that they are quick, easy and simple to remove. They are cheaper than salon-made permanent hair extensions. Meanwhile, it’s possible to change the color of the extensions to suit your personality and needs. Also, Clip-ins won’t damage your own hair in any way.

Leading Fashion Hairstyle Trends

This Annual Grammy nominations showed both old and new pop stars with three generations offer male singers. See their hairstyle trends below.


PINK: Her acceptance speech and high yet short style hair were fabulous.


Miley : Possibly the same hairstylist as Pink? What do you think?


KeSha: With Beautiful facial features, personality displaying make up and”one-sided” long curly hair, sexy and full of rock stars style.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift: Not only a beautiful face, her fine hair is the key!


Britney: Her golden rule to beauty is casual dress with her simple ‘girl next door’ look.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez: She focuses on her long straight hairstyle,although her straight hair isn’t dead straight, she incorporates a natural curl over her shoulders, in order to successfully display a very calm and sexy attitude.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera: Christina Aguilera’s style is sure to be based on the perfect styles and latest trends. She gives off a cool vibe with her matching Caps and Hood wear.


Rihanna: The latest trends allow even short hairstyles be equally as feminine.


Shakira: The ‘messy’ hairstyle expresses the stars madness or relaxed and effortless look?


Beyonce: Her glamorous facial features, sexy colors,meticulously combed hair coupled with a high neck respectable dress, so full of elegance and breathtaking beauty.


Avril: Has always been non-mainstream, never beyond, never less

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: Gaga isawonderful work of art, alegend……often leaving us wondering, does she live on Planet Earth?

In life and modern communication, more and more people realize that Hair extensions and wigs could continue to play an important role in our daily life.

Hair extensions are any artificial hair that is added to one’s naturally growing hair. Hair extensions are made in several different forms with different application techniques.

Types of Hair used in the manufacture of Extensions

Human Hair

Human hair extensions are made from genuine human hair that is paid for and harvested by people, usually young women all over the world.Particularly in China and India.


Hair exension

Human hair extensions can adjust or vary broadly in quality. On the low end of the scale, hair is chemically stripped of its cuticle so that it can be machine processed without regard for direction or root-tip alignment. If the cuticle were left in, the root-tip alignment could become mixed up, the microscopic scales that form the cuticle would be opposed and snag on each other causing tangling. The negative effects of stripping the cuticle are brittleness, reduced protection from sunlight, dryness, salt, chlorine and pollution as well as a tendency to absorb liquids and swell or matt. It is not advisable to color or heat-style this hair.

Hair style

Remi hair describes hair that has not had its cuticle stripped and has at least been partially hand-processed to maintain root-tip alignment. This hair is more expensive but will remain in good condition for much longer than stripped hair. It can also be heat styled and colored. Sadly, this industry is not regulated and many manufacturers will mark products with Remi or Remy, hair that has no cuticle or is even mixed with synthetic materials.

Human hair extension

Apart from the 2 types described above, there is a third type of hair. Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated. It is harvested, sanitized and sold in bulk. Having said that, hair that is in poor condition, such as Split ends, chlorine/salt/UV damaged hair etc. rarely finds it way into this market as the buyers have strict conditions and expectations, therefore eliminating any hair thy deem unfit for sale.

This means raw hair materials also need to be maintained, if you’d like to purchase and apply high-quality hair extension or wigs for a long time then we suggest you do your research.

Recently Jue has been invited to act in a film. She has frequently participated in various kinds of roles. Though being invited to these kinds of events would make the majority of usa little nerve racked, Jue can handle it quite well. The secret is her confident yet different ever-changing short hairstyle. Let’s have a look at how she managed to rob the camera lenses in all directions.

Burgundy hair

Restored Burundy hair

Restored Burgundy Loose Hairstyle

Extremely loose short hairstyle gives her a kind of lazy and messy appearance. With this eye-catching burgundy/red color, she looks glowing and lively.

Straight hairstyle

Straight hair

Meticulous Straight Hairstyle

The left-right asymmetric hairstyle makes her full of fashion and distinct from others. Part pointed hairstyle gives her a spiffy feeling.

Face covered hair bang

Face Covering Personalized Bang Hairstyle

A large amount of brushed forward hair to create a “big bang” is the key to this hairstyle. The slight curl at the end gives a nice touch to the hairstyle.

Natural Hair binding

Natural Hair Binding

Part pointed bang matched with a simple black hair binded hairstyle can always keep her in with the latest fashion trend.

Middle parted loose hair

Middle Parted Loose Hairstyle

This middle parted hairstyle gives her a natural and effortless beauty look.

Simple Braided hairstyle

Simple Braided Hairstyle

Braiding the entire head of hair in anupdo styleseems like an easy choice, but it is full of elegant temperament.

Part pointed hairstyle

Side Parted Short Hairstyle

Side Panted bang gives her an intellectuallook. When matched with simple loose curls, she looks young and lovely.

Bob Hairstyle

Personalized Bob Hairstyle

This strange white Bob hairstyle included with a small bang makes her standout from the others.

If your hair is short, hair extensions can be a useful tool to make it look longer; if it’s already long, you can also opt for a shorter look without cutting your hair. The art of hair extensions involves attaching your own hair to synthetic or human hair. A variety of types are created to attach the hair: wigs, hair weaving, clip in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions and tape hair extensions. At beauty supply stores there is a huge selection of human hair in various textures, ever wonder where this hair extension material comes from?

Fallen Hair

The average adult has over 100,000 strands of hair on their scalp and it is common to lose about 100 strands per day. People sell hair that has fallen naturally to hair farmers. The hair farmers then sell the hair to factories where it will be made into hair extensions.

Fallen Hair

Remy Hair

The term “remy hair” means the hair that is cut or harvested directly from the head. This hair remains with the cuticle intact and all run in the same direction, so it’s tangle free. Remy hair could come from any country, and Asia in particular, is a big material market.

Remy Hair

Asian Origins

Most human hair sources are located in Asia. In India, men and women come to temples to cut their hair in hopes of receiving blessings in life. Many Indian women brush their hair two or three times a day to collect fallen hair to sell to suppliers in order to support their families.

Asian Hair

China and other Asian countries also provide human hair material. A typical Chinese hair strand is straight, thick and coarse. If you are looking for an extremely straight style, Chinese remy hair should be a good choice.Chinese hair is often used to create kinky and curly or kinky and relaxed textures because of its coarseness.

Hair Bulk

Other Countries

Human hair is also available from Brazil, Mongolia, Russia and Malaysia. Hair of different textures could be processed to meet the different requirements of its users.

The key trend for hair style in 2013 is to keep it simple. In order to do that, the ponytail is probably your best choice.

Creating the perfect ponytail is a fantastically simple yet stylish hairstyle that can be worn for a long time and on any occasion. You may wear a ponytail hair extension in the center back of your head, on the side or up high on the crown. It’s entirely up to you. This makes wearing a ponytail hairstyle extremely versatile for all occasions. You can add hair accessories or braids to dress up the ponytail hairstyle for special events. For a more relaxed look, you can just wear the ponytail hairstyle simply at the back of your head with a regular colored hair tie.

Ponytail Hairstyle

Loose ponytails have always been very good for convenient daily activities, while the more “stick and sleek ones”are considered the best for the fashionable sassy look on formal occasions. You must be wondering what unique hairstyles you can make out of your ponytail give it that extra special quality.Actually, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can easily make yourself and Individuality is what makes the ponytail hairstyles 2013 so popular in the current trends.

Ponytail Hair

Ponytail hairstyles come in a variety of ranges from medium to long hair. Even if you don’t have a long hair, you may use hair extensions or a wig in place to turn them into attractive ponytails. For the perfect loose ponytail, a messy style is a very popular style today. All you need to do is to loosely clasp your hair at the back with a hair pin or clip, allowing plenty of stray hairs and your bangs to fall at the sides and in front of your forehead. A perfect windswept look with the loose ponytails is the trend for the ponytail hairstyles 2013.You can partially side part your hair to make the bangs and fringes stand out more.Apply a blow dryer and a brush to add volume and a wind-blown appearance. You may also highlight one or two of your strands and let it hang loose by the sides. Not only for casual occasions, but also these loose ponytail looks look glorious at formal or even social events as well. Match your hairstyle with an elegant dress, long earrings, and this can result in strengthened facial features.

Ponytail Hair Extension

Stick-straight ponytails are the latest trend for ponytail hairstyles in 2013. They look extremely fantastic on any formal occasion. However, this hairstyle can be best achieved on straight hair, and looks very elegant on super-straight and long hair. In order to make it well…you should ensure that your hair is well shampooed and silky. Brush off any tangles from your hair, and smoothen your hair with hair mousse or smoothening cream. You can also use a straighten to straighten your hair first, and then back comb the entire hair and make into a ponytail on the nape of your neck or near the top of your head. Secure it tight with an elastic band, and wrap a hair strand around the band securing it into place with a hair grip. This is one of the best ponytail hairstyles that you can wear to be in style for 2013.


Ponytail hairstyles look fabulous not only when worn by young girls but they also look great and elegant on a mature, older women. Ponytails are most appropriate type of hairstyle during exercise or related athletic activities. Ponytail hairstyle can easily go with many fashion accessories and highlight not only earrings but necklaces too. Different options are available for styling a ponytail. You can wear it using a plain hair-band or use many accessories like scrunches, claws and cloth bands, which can transform this simple style to a beautiful formal hairstyle. They are considered as “quick to make” styles most suitable in a variety of purposes and work as a base for other elaborate hairstyles such as up do’s and braids.

Since a lovely Ponytail is so conveniently and easy made. Why not to wear one now? Do it to highlight your daily life and vamp up your style.

Punk hairstyles: Pay attention to the wholesale extreme individuality and liberation. With each day being entirely different from the last, both displaying extreme personality styles and non-mainstream hairstyles. On both sides of the hair cut with little or no hair in the middle pointing upwards.

Female punk hairstyles: To highlight a women’s charming temperament and create the perfect facial lines.

Hair matched with bright multi-colored costumes, glamorous and striking makeup, fearless and uninhibited eyes, filling the trend of the Style Queen.

Punk Hairstyle

Male punk hairstyles: Men’s Fashion punk hair is on demand recently.

Usually both sides of the hair extensions are cutting clean, tidy and short, then the middle of the hair is usually styled tilting upwards with a slight curl at the top,this shows a great sense of bravery and style on the men’s part, especially when contrast with a more assertive blonde hair dye.

Punk Hairstyle

The most beautiful moment in a girl’s life is stepping into the palace of marriage and seeing her future beloved husband. The bride hairstyle and wedding dress are highly popular with girls of all ages patiently waiting for their day in the spotlight. In the current fashionable wedding ceremony, making an ancient bride hairstyle can impress a lot of people. Simple, elegant with a beautiful temperament leave a long lasting gorgeous impression on guests. A beautiful moment for a beautiful memory.

Bride Hair

The gentle low side bun, matching white headdress flower with a side pointed bang makes your face look extra beautiful and improves your temperament. A soft peachy colored lipstick allows the lace wedding dress to appear more ancient European. Allowing people to feel deeply attracted by the bride’s elegant temperament.

Bride Hairstyle

The Hand push curly hairstyle itself has a feeling of ancient modern style. Side pointed post frontal gives us a feeling of charm, confidence and attractiveness. This Simple bun makes the bride look simple yet elegant.

Bride Hair style

This kind of bride hairstyle is full of classical ancient temperament. With her Fluffy side low bun gives her a gentle, feminine look. Post-frontal lace hair is the key for the ancient temperament. Reticular lace and big flower styles represent an elegant, pure and classy look.


Elegant with a little lazy natured low bun is suitable for various kinds of wedding dresses. It is always the most popular hairstyle among the brides these days. Lace hair bands bring in a kind of Greek Goddess look.

Bride and Hair style

The Little crown is always the first choice for brides in Asian cultures. Middle pointed updo makes the bride’s face shape perfect and beautiful. The Loose bun at the back gives them an elegant temperament. The Flashy crown is in full view of the guests giving them a classical feeling. The bride appears like a princess from a fairytale book.

Which one do you like best?

To maintain healthy hair, we usually need to take different care methods during different seasons. Compared with other seasons, the atmosphere in winter becomes quite dry which makes the hair dry and brittle. Therefore, winter hair care demands much more attention just like the winter skin care which all of us have already kept in mind.

Compared with expensive salon treatments, the following steps are home care recipes which can be easily done at home and help you keep your hair more healthy during winter with very little cost


1. Shampoo your hair regularly but not too often. In winter, both the hair and scalp are dry, the hair should be washed every 2-3 days, but never be more frequent than that, as it can be harmful to your hair.


2. Do not overuse the hairdryer which may damage hair. Towel dry your hair without rubbing. The best way to dry hair in winter is using a towel after water squeezed. Do not rub the hair with towel as it may lower the moisture in your hair. If have to use the hairdryer, try to put it on “cool” setting.

hair drier

3. Deep hair conditioning. The key point in winter hair care is to prevent the hair getting dry, so extra deep conditioning is a necessity. Choose the right moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that are rich in oil can help your hair stay moisturized all winter long.


4. Comb out all the knots before washing your hair, it can keep the dandruff away and also give the scalp a good massage which can encourage blood circulation. Put a small amount of shampoo onto your hand and apply to hair evenly. Run your fingers through hair then rinse with warm water. This is the most effective and convenient way of hair caring.


5. Separate the hair into different sections using a wide tooth comb when the hair is damp. Comb the hair from tips till all the knots open.

hair comb

6. Use water sprinkler to wash hair can massage the scalp and also relieve stress which can help hair growing healthier.


Have you ever considered why we first began applying hair extensions to our hair? What makes them so popular?

Actually, this glamorous and desirable form of hair styling has been popular since the Egyptian period.  Not only were hair extensions popular, they also used to hold jewels in order to decorate the individuals wearing them. However, the look of hair extensions alone was not the only reason for their use.  In fact, they were used much to ward of head lice.

At present, hair extensions have continued to grow increasing popularity from the regular girl next door to the glamour of the stars. Such as the likes of Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama.

hair extension

Hair extensions have become a must have “dress” for both females and males in various different occasions and our daily life, in particular, social occasions, i.e. parties, festivals, ceremonies and interviews.

Hair extensionservices are mostly popular in Europe and America. You can get your hair extensions fitted in many local hair salons. Increasing popularity of hair extensions is no accident. Girls getting hair extensions will tell you how the brand new look makes leaves them feeling confident and self-assured. In fact, hair extensions have so many other benefits too.

Firstly, you can become as changeable in look as the stars and celebrities themselves. You can wear a ponytail one day and wear a fringe on another day. Every day you can reinvent and surprise both yourself and those around you. The various hairstyles might also help cater for your needs while attending different events.

U tip hair extension

In addition, hair extensions can help ‘perfect’ your own unsatisfactory feelings towards your own hair. For example, your hair may have split ends. Yet hair extensions will cover the split hair ends and blend seamlessly with your own natural hair. Or you might regret having your hair cut too short. If this is the case, your hair extensions can be part of the remedy. In hair salons, you can extend your hair to the length you want in just a few hours. Besides, hair extension increases the hair volume, making your hair seem thicker and shinier than they really are.

Also, you can have any hair color you want just by getting hair extensions. The new technology has made the hair extensions virtually invisible.  The variety of colors available for individuals allows the hair extensions to look more like your natural hair. You can even get rainbow-colored human hair extensions if that’s what your into. This way, you don’t have to apply coloring to your own hair. However, we advise you not to buy synthetic hair extensions as coloring them will cause them damage.

U hair extension

Finally, hair extensions give you numerous possibilities of endless different hairstyles. In terms of hair lengths, you can get short hair extensions, medium or even long ones. With regards to attaching methods, you can get Keratin tip, clip-ins, ladies wigs, sewn-in hair extensions and many more. Using different hair extension tools, you can have your hair extensions curled, straightened or weaved. All In All, you can get whatever style you want and it takes much less time than having your own hair styled.

In one word, hair extensions could help you beyond your imagination .Yet the quality of the hair extensions you choose are extremely important. If you can afford it, we recommend Remy hair extensions as the best choice for your hair.

Lets hope this article has helped you readers to understand why hair extensions are currently so popular.

Having stylish hair can take half an hour or longereach morning, but it’s not essential, there are easy ways to style your hair in just few minutes, which can help you look just as fabulous.

1. Ponytails are one of the easiest hairstyles. Tease your hair before pull it back, make a small portion of hair at the crown of your head, cover it with sleek hair, then finish with pulling it back, this easy and timeless style can look really great.



2. Create a simple up-do by brushing your dry hair, pulling it together at the base of your neck, twist the hair and pull it up toward the crown of your head. Continue twisting the hair, and tuck it into a French twist on the opposite side of the original twist. Use plain or jeweled bobby pins to pin the tucked hair into place.



3. Create a curly hairstyle. First wash your hair the night before, let it half dry naturally, place coil curlers in the hair and secure them with hair scrunchy. Remove the scrunchy and curlers when you wake up, use your blow dryer to dry the hair, don’t brush the curls out using a hairbrush, instead, run your fingers through them in order to create a looser effect, then you’ll have gorgeous, thick looking curly hair.

Curly Hair


4. Style your hair with a flat iron. This should be done with dry hair using heat-protecting products. Quickly take sections of your hair and create a chic modern look with your iron. Add some shine serum or a little hair spray to avoid static.


Style with iron


5. Hair accessories give you a stylish look with minimal effort. Use varies sorts of creative hair accessories to pull your hair back from your face. Add style to an easy hairdo with rhinestone, jeweled barrettes or chopsticks. Brush your hair, pull a one-inch chunk of hair out from one side of your face, pin it back with a cute barrette and go.

Hair accessories

So don’t worry if you have an early morning class or being late for work. There are an endless number of ways you can style your hair. Learning how to applya fast-finished style can give you an excellent overall appearance and will also boost your confidence.

For every new season the release of new hairstyle trends come out in full swing, Have you been already dazzled by a seasonal style? There is no doubt that modern women today are in the pursuit of beauty and in this day and age beauty has been more simple and direct than ever before. However, women on the whole, seem to take a thorough disliking to dull and artificiality when it comes to beauty and more and more women are taking a liking to a more simple, natural, casual look! Much like the current trends we see today!

The design for the ‘pretty short hair” is cherished by diversity. In Europe and the U.S. it is viewed as a glamorous and sexy style, deigned for those with a pretty face, strong jawbone and charmingly full lips.

Non Mainstream

Only you thought, such extreme styles couldn’t exist.

Non Mainstream Hairstyle

Non Mainstream Hair

The wig is a good choice if your looking for a unique styles without the risk of restyling your hair permanently.

In the name of fashion and style, most women are fond of dyeing their hair, yes, it’s cool to change your hair color and look, but surely some of you have had some bad experiences in the past, for example if your newly dyed hair has fadedafter just3 to 4 washes.


Lady Gaga-Avril Lavigne-Charlotte Free

No matter if it is temporary or permanent, dyed hair can fade as a result of many factors such as bold colors, heat styling, frequent washing, sun exposure, etc. In fact, no method has been provento stop the hair from fading forever, however, there arestill some useful tips you can follow in order to reduce it.

1. Choose the right color.Stylists suggest staying within three shades of your natural hair color and also using a clear gloss colorto seal the cuticle whichcan add more shine to the hair as well as extend the life of your color.

2. Use caution when heat styling. Apply a good heat protector to hair strands before blow-drying, curling or straightening. Heat damage will cause your hair to become dry, brittle, and break, which in turn will cause your color to look dull and faded.

3. Take special care of your hair when washing byusingcolor-enhancing shampoos.These professional products designed for color treated hairare typically more gentle and moisturizing. Also avoid using high temperture water which can lead to the opening of the cuticles, allowing hair color to be rinsed away easier, therefore, a cooler water is preferred. In addition, It is recommended to avoid washing your hair within 48-72 hours of having it colored.

4. Reduce your hair’s exposure to the sun and chlorine,which can bleach your hair, cause the color to fade faster. Wear a hat at the beach and a swimming cap when you’re in the pool.

If these methods have been effective for you,Or you have some other methods, Just voice your idea on our comments section below.

Scalp maintenance, is usually neglected by most people during their daily life. In fact, it is as important as skin maintenance. The reasons for this are as follows: Firstly, scalp maintenance can relax the mind so as to keep your brain clear and focused. Secondly, blood circulation will speed up through massaging the scalp, which can reduce the risk of hair loss and slow down turning the arrival of those unwanted grey hairs. Thirdly, last but not least, massaging the scalp can help you enjoy a sound nights sleep. As we all know, good sleep can make you look more beautiful and young. Therefore, let us learn to massage the scalp and start beauty from the head down.

Step 1: Put your hands through your hair. Massage your scalp with your fingers horizontally and vertically. Then, pull your hair up gently and slowly in order to make your scalp feel absolutely relaxed.

Hair massage

Step 2:Grasp the front part of your hair (see picture below) and pull the front forward, back, right and left. Through doing this, you can relieve pressure and relax yourself.

Hair care


Step 3: Knead and press the back of the head with your thumbs and index fingers, Follow this same method on other areas of the scalp. Repeat this action two or three times.

Hair extension

Step 4: Tap your scalp gently with your fingers. Repeat this action all over.


Tips: During step 4, ensure that every 3-5 taps per set is followed by 2-3 sets a time. It is easier for you to do these exercises during your routine hair washing.

Youthful and vigorous campus hairstyles always remind people of the old school days. Acting young with an optimistic attitude towards life. Combing up these beautiful hairstyles and presenting your pure and youthful face, are you ready? Come and learn from your favourite star how to imitate these campus hairstyles.

Herringbone hairstyle

Victoria Justice Lady Herringbone’s hairstyle: Smooth and straight hair can stand out among curly hair in European and American cultures. After all, it is usually associated with feminine ladies. With herringbone bang hairstyle, girls’ foreheads appear more beautiful and their faces look slimmer and more beautiful. Making them look much younger and resulting in an ultimate campus style look.

Nifty Bang

Carey Mulligan’s Nifty bang braided short hair including a side parted long bang with two small braids that are hidden among hair. This can introduce lots of layers and give off almost a cubic look to the simple short style. If you incorporate this style with a lightly colored dress to match, it will be look even more nifty.

Hair hoop

Hair Hoop: This Gossip Girl uses a hair hoop to beautify her natural hair. It’s sweet and lovely appearance incorporates a deep red hair hoop that allows her skin to appear healthy and youthful. Combined with a light red lipstick, the whole temperament becomes clean and pure.

Ball Hairstyle

Vanessa Hudgens Minus-age balls hairstyle: Balls/Bun hairstyles are popular among women throughtout 2012 because of its relax and agile nature. No matter how crazy you are about the Japanese style or South Korean bun styles, you will occasionally be tempted for a balls hairstyle. What’s more, it is also popular within European and American campuses.

Body Wave hairstyle

Emma Watson, the ultimate Campus hair girl. Sporting a Split Body Wave Hairstyle: When desiring to modify your face, this split hairstyle is a good choice. Moreover body wave hair gives you a mellow and relaxed appearance.