Eventhough the updated season has been ending by the love between Daenrys and Jon snow ,

But still we have been attached as well for the fashion style of their hair and fashionable armour ,


The braidhair style of Daenrys has lead the 2017 halloween fashion , from her beautiful blondie wavy hair


and the powerful braid Queen hair , the white blonde hair has been back to our fashion book


As a fan of this show , we could feel the change of Daenrys , she grown up step by step from a innocent princess to a indestructible Dragon mother , her strong mind of life should be the idol of all of morden women, we could see so many girls who cosplay her style , let’s see one of them below


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Lovely Gal, June Penny, has made a new youtube video to talk about her favorite human hair topper for this new season.(Video s here )


If you guys follow June’s Youtube Channel, you will know June has been wearing the Hair Topper to conceal the thin hair all the time due to her hair loss issue. And during this whole summer time June has chosen to  wear the Charleigh Wavy Hair Topper. When the fall has come, June would like to have her straight hair back so she has decided to put on the Charleigh Straight Hair Topper instead of the wavy one.

In that video, June said the Charleigh Hair Topper is one of her favourite hair toppers, because of its 6” *6” Base Size, which can provide more coverage over the scalp than regular 5” * 5” Hair Topper. And its curved base is meticulously designed to fit the shape of human crowns. June is also a big fan for these toppers with 3 parting, since you can have the left part, the right part or the middle part freely. In the Video June also suggested that you should plug some hair along the parting line in order to have the natural looking part when you first receive the hair topper.


Why you need wigs in your life, just for beauty or daily wear need? Here I make a list for reasons that why you need wigs in your life.


Give Your Natural Hair A Break

If you’re looking to give your hair a break from the heat of blow dryers and straighteners without transitioning to natural styles, a wig is the perfect answer. Not only does it keep the need for hair maintenance to a minimum, but it also promotes growth while you let your hair rest underneath.


Give You The Freedom To Try Out A New Style

Luckily, trying a new wig isn’t just for hiding a temporary mistake! If you want to take precautionary measures before committing to a new look, use a wig! I mean, you don’t know when will you want a bob or different color hair, but you don’t want to cut down your long hair for such a flash love maybe, then a wig is your best choice.


Something Wrong With Your Stylist

Wigs also come in handy during those times when your stylist is having an off day, or you take a risk and sit in the chair of a hairdresser you’re meeting for the very first time. If you can’t stomach your new look your stylist just botched, consider covering it up with a wig for the sake of your comfort and confidence levels.


Different Wigs Express Your Different Feelings

If you want to embrace each and every mood you’re feeling throughout each week or month, wigs provide that versatility. If you’re looking to switch it up without the permanence of a cut or installing extensions, copping a braid wig, bob wig and a short cut wigs is the move for you.


Its to Hard to Care for Your Natural Hair.

Some guys just like her natural hair looks, that’s OK. But care for it everyday is really a hard work. How about just tie your hair up and wear a wig. You only need to take down the wig once a week to wash it is you choose a 100% human hair wigs.


So what’s your reasons for choose a wig? Maybe you will have some prblems for buy wigs online or in wig store near you. But as we all know that every problems have solutions. Questions is how many reasons do you have to buy a wig.

Recently the fashion synthetic wigs is more and more popular, because now all young people are catching their own styles and personality in socity, which makes the wigs also more and more colorful.

As a professional synthetic wigs manufacturer, Goodyard would like to introduce some important information to you when you decide to buy A wig.

  1. Cap base

First,Many people are looking for wigs with full lace base.


Second, most common cap is lace front base,handtied area is 13 inch(ear to ear)*2.5 inch(partings)


2.Color styles

Colorful and natural same as human hair wigs


  1. Handtied 1cm back when you put your ponytail



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Mink lashes for women are popular nowadays for various reasons. Even though they are expensive, they are natural and good looking compared to other manufactured eyelashes.

Mink lashes are made from mink hair brushed from a live mink. Some are not subjected to dyes or chemicals, hence they retain their rich smooth appearance. Some are dyed and hygienically treated to form amazing mink eyelashes. They are attractive, comfortable and can last longer compared to other manufactured eyelashes.



What are the benefits of using mink lashes for women?

Mink lashes for women have numerous benefits. First, they are smooth and they will enhance your appearance. In addition, the mink lashes in the market are light and are offered in various lengths and shades to ensure you get the best same as your natural ones.


Due to their smooth look, the mink eyelashes are also very comfortable. When you use other manufactured eyelashes, your skin will be compressed to look so artificial, but this is not the case when you use mink lashes.


The mink lashes also appear like the normal eyelashes. In fact, some people cannot tell if you are wearing false lashes. Plus they are very strong compared to synthetic eyelashes.


They are very flexible. Mink lashes for women are so versatile that you can wear them for any event. If you would like to improve your eyelashes with the help of your preferred make-up color, mink lashes are definitely for that event.


How to ensure you select the right mink lashes for women


They should be made from mink hair. Since mink lashes are becoming so popular, it is good to verify effectively. You should also select eyelashes to fit the model and the size of your eyes. Mink eyelashes can be found in goodyardhair.com. But, make sure you confirm the model of your eyes before you get one that is suitable for your eyes.


Apart from getting the right eyelashes made from mink hair, it is important to select the handcrafted ones, and not those bulk manufactured. This is because the durability of the lashes is significant. Those that are handcrafted tend to last longer than the bulk manufactured ones.


Since the demand of mink lashes for women is very high, it is possible to find fake mink lashes in the market. So, if you want real mink eyelashes, you should be ready to buy the expensive ones. However, you will definitely have a good quality set of mink eyelashes. It also feels much better having them because they are very soft and weightless. They also addictive, once you start using them you will never try any other eyelashes again.


Mink eyelashes are very durable and you can wear them for up to 20 times or even more if you take care of them properly. Hence, it is important that you maintain your eyelashes properly. Use a tweezer to remove them from the box. After each use, you should clean them properly and always store them in a cool dry place, away from heat and moisture.


To get more information or buy mink eyelashes, welcome to visit Goodyard web:




Goodyard-20+years eyelash manufacturing experience, best eyelashes for you!

Perhaps Marilyn Monroe was talking about lash extensions when she said, “Being normal is boring!” After all, our haircuts, outfits and shoes are as unique as the woman who chooses them so, why should our lash extensions be any different? In celebration of our unique styles, we’re dishing out some tips that will help customize your lashes to create a look that’s right for you!


If you’re a regular lash client, then you’ve probably heard your lash artist reference different types of curls such as B, C and L but did you know that you don’t have to choose just one curl? That’s right, your lash artist can create a customized look by using a variety of different curls. With the right combination of two or three curls, your lash artist can create everything from a dramatic cat eye to a natural, lengthening look. The key is in the placement of the extensions. For example, your lash artist can create a dramatic look by using shorter lengths of B curls in your inner eye area in combination with longer lashes to create a bright and uplifting look.


Another key component in choosing your customized lash look is understanding the different styles of curls. Good eyelashes uses a combination of B, C and D curls to create our custom styles in our Professional, Classic, Chic and Cat Eye sets. B curls are elegant curls that add length and definition to your lashes while C curls are bold and glamorous with a beautiful curve that’s noticed from the front of your face. D curls have a well-defined sweep that works best for clients with naturally curly lashes. Wide set eyes benefit from using strong C curls whereas close set eyes look great with lengthening B curls that draw attention outward.


Are you looking for something even more dramatic? Have you heard of volume lashes? but volume lashes are achieved through an advanced technique that goes beyond the traditional one-on-one extension application process. Volume lashes allow lash artists to apply multiple lashes to one natural lash by using lightweight extensions that create incredible volume, length and thickness.


Now that you are armed with lash info, if you have interest in testing Goodyard eyelashes, welcome to visit our website below and send us messages.




Magnetic False Lashes is a premium product, which means we never cut corners on materials and production. To ensure optimal quality, Magnetic False Lashes are hand-crafted with the highest-quality synthetic fibers. Women all around the world  love it, because it gives you gorgeous lashes in seconds.

When you wear high-waisted shorts, you accept that wedgies are going to happen. And when you wear fake eyelashes, you accept the reality of plucking dried glue off your lids. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Now you can  use magnets instead of glue.

Before I tried them, I assumed I understood how they’d work. But then my brain got to the fact that we aren’t made of metal, and I couldn’t figure out how magnets might stick to eyelashes. Turns out they don’t, at least not exactly. For each eye, two half-strips (meant to create a winged look) sandwich around the real lashes and fuse together with their attached magnets. Then you just slide the plates between your fingers to release the connection, and they slip off.

Magnetic False lashes felt like any standard glue-on set and looked impressively subtle—as subtle as false lashes can. The fact that they’re self-adhering meant I didn’t have to wait for the window of perfect stickiness to place them, and there was no tacky mess afterward. They did require some practice to apply.



More articles about magnetic eyelashes please click here 

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The season 7 of Game Of Throne has finally arrived. I know you guys must have watched it already. Honestly speaking, I watch it day and night and I’m totally addicted to it. I’m sure you are the same with me, haha! I like Daenerys most. Which character is your fave?

Recently we did a makeup transformation of Daenerys wearing our Becky Synthetic Lace Front Wig. I have to admit that I can’t even tell she is not Daenerys herself. She just looks like the same as Daenerys. Both amazing and gorgeous.



Becky is a long and layered style. It has longer fringe and is strikingly natural-looking. This sleek long wig features a lace front for a natural looking hairline, and is ideal for an average head size. This gorgeous look is one of the hottest styles on the red carpet.


When you wear high-waisted shorts, you accept that wedgies are going to happen. And when you wear fake eyelashes, you accept the reality of plucking dried glue off your lids. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Magnetic eyelash could help us.

How Magnetic False Lashes Work




Magnetic eyelashes. You can tell upper and lower sets by the red dot.

For each eye, there are two strips of lashes, a strip that goes underneath the top eyelash and a strip that goes on top of the top eyelashes. Both strips have a small magnetic piece in the center. The bottom piece has a red dot on the magnetic piece to help you remember that’s the bottom lash.






                                                                               The best part about this product is probably the cool case…

The magnetic lashes are removed by using the thumb and forefinger to slide the magnetic strips apart. The lashes should never be pulled off the eyes. One Two Lashes can be used indefinitely with proper care (if you want to keep using them, of course). They may also be used with mascara provided the lashes are gently cleaned after wearing. The lashes come in a luxe box with designated magnetized sections in which to store the lash strips.



The lashes don’t really fit around the outer curve of the eyelid, which gives them an abrupt look and makes them difficult to “blend.”

  • From some angles, they looked okay, but because the strips aren’t very curved, they lay straight along the lash line, rather than following the natural curve of  eyelid. This resulted in a corner of the lash strip noticeable sticking out.
  • If  did need to adjust the lashes after applying them (an eye makeup), moving them around smeared the mascara and eyeliner.

These lashes would certainly suffice for photos (but not close ups) and for festive costumes and party wear. But a pair of synthetic lashes from the drugstore also suffice for those purposes—and are pretty darn cheap!

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When you first recieve the uniwigs 6*6 curved base topper, what’s your feeling about the size? You have seen some videos about the 6*6 topper, it is very large, then you look at the 6*6 curved base in your hand, it is too small, you get angry.

Oh, please calm down, and turst me my lady, it is really 6*6 curved base topper, it is true. I am sure you use the wrong method to measure the curved base topper, it is almost like the picture below;


The Curved Topper Base is Designed to fit the Crown Shape, so please take the proper method to measure the Base Size correctly. The Curved Topper Base is different from the plat one. Yeah you should put the topper around your head curl to measure it.



We have a 1 min video to give you the explanation about it, hope my video can help you, any other question, leave me message please( Vodeo s here : https://youtu.be/mNH7mjF7nTc  Thanks for Uniwigs’ support)


Here is a email from Goodyard returning customer, which got the wrong product for her order  :


“ I’m confused.  I ordered the LaVivid wig Carrie, but got the wig Patsy.  I did look at several wigs, including Carrie and Patsy, but was expecting Carrie.  Patsy arrived on 5/2.  I figured I must have forgotten which wig I actually ordered having looked at so many.
Tonight I was looking at wigs again and thought I’d order Carrie, but then noticed on my order history that I already had, as I originally thought.  So, I am not sure how I got Patsy.
I’m not sure if I should place this order for Carrie or not because I don’t want to end up with 2 of the same wig in the same color.
Any suggestions?  Thanks.”


She should have been mad with this mistake . but she didnt , because the customer service offered her a better solution which offered her the best discount to purchase the right one .

And she was very please with this idea!


See what she replied :

“I tried to leave a comment on the survey form I received, but it wouldn’t take.  I wanted to let you and your managers know how helpful you have been with the ordering process.  I’m sure it was difficult to to get things arranged.  I appreciate your patience and pleasant manner in taking care of everything.

Please let your managers know how great you are!  Thanks again!



Sometimes , we care the product that we bought , but we care more about their service . what they would like to deal with the accident .


More information about Goodyard wig, please click here for check.


Lace Front wigs are very popular and are part of an ever-growing trend! Many retailers now sell “one-size fits all” lace wigs that are available in human and synthetic hair. Due its affordability, the synthetic lace wig seems to be the unit of choice when changing styles.

Goodyard has received plenty of enquries about how to wear lace front wig more naturally. Today I’m gonna show you some tricks about how to make your lace front wig look realistic.

1.Cut your lace but leave a little slack you don’t want to cut to close to the hair line.


2.Apply a wig cap. My hair is always in braids that’s how I get my wigs to lay flat and look more natural. But a ponytail will do just fine.



3.Put your wig on and Secure it with the combs that come attached.secure the wig with combs.



4.Apply concealer or foundation to your part to make it look more realistic.



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We attend 2017 Hair Expo in Sydney with many kinds fashion synthetic wigs, we want to bring Some fashion and new style hair products to AU market.


Now more and more people choose synthetic wigs to use no matter for a party or a ball. Because synthetic wig could change one style in short time, and price is more reasonable for everyone who use hair products. One important is that everyone could finish and wear it by self at home.


Here we would like to introduce production details from 3 aspects in manufacturer stand.

  1. 2 kinds cap style

Traditional cap style with manmade skin in parting that used for Cosplay wig

图片1       图片2

Lace front cap with 3 inch – 5 inch lace handtied partings. Handtied area is 13 inch (ear to ear)3 inch (partings), 6 inch partings is more natural for using.


2.Hair Material

All wigs are made of heat resistant fiber, which could be curled or straightened as long as

Temperature below 180 degree, you could DIY hair style by yourself.


3.Now more and more people ask for natural looking synthetic wig, even it looks very natural when you make a ponytail. So we add 1 cm handtied area in back.


Now many fashion boys also wear synthetic wig to change their hair styles

Wigs for men are not nearly as popular as women’s wigs but we are seeing them more and more.



As a leading professional hair manufacturer for more than 30 years, Goodyard always supply high quality hair with competitive price for thousands of clients all over the world.


This is the third time that Goodyard team attached Australia Hair Expo in Sydney, welcome to visit our video center to review the amazing show

By talking and discussing with your local wholesaler and salon owners face to face, Goodyard team are very familiar with Australia market. Best selling hair extensions are Tape Hair, Hair Weft and Clip In Hair, however, Ultra Tip Hair become more and more popular as well, which offer you invisible and permanent solution to make your hair appear thicker and longer, very comfortable and easy to maintenance.



As per Goodyard research, Mono/Silk/PU Hair Topper are great popular for Australian, someone who has thin hair or lose hair on top are in great demand of one topper. Custom orders are always accepted, various from different base size, color, hair length and special request.



Welcome to join Goodyard and create beauty together!



As a saleswomen for all kinds eyelash extensions, here we could like to give some details of what thickness of individual lashes are best?


Lashes with a stronger curl have more impact from a frontal viewpoint and appear longer than a straighter curl in the same length.Length Lashes are available in a variety of lengths:


Short             6mm to 8mm

Medium        9mm to 12mm

Long             13mm to 14mm

Extra long   15mm and above



Most salons would usually stock 8mm – 14mm in their inventory; 9mm – 12mm are the most popular sizes.

Longer is not always better, using lashes 14mm or longer are not always ideal unless you already have strong, long natural lashes to begin with.


Following are some different style that we will use different length



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