We know that hairstyle is very important for you because it is the part of your style. A right chosen hairstyle will bring you joy and good emotions. If you want to see which are the best hairstyles of 2016 continue reading and find one which perfectly describes your character and personality. Do not forget to consult with your hairstylist before going for any haircut. In all cases changes are good and they are meant to add some positive feelings to your life. Feel free to choose a hairstyle which you like.


Long Bob Hairstyle

Bob! Bob! Bob! This hairstyle has managed to fascinate many girls around the world. Bob hairstyle is suitable for women of all age groups. You can wear bob hairstyle in every season and still be fashionable and trendy. The most important thing is to find the one which is suitable for your character features.


Short Bob hairstyle

There is a special group of female who are fond of short hairstyles. Short bob is created especially for these types of females. Short bob is meant to frame your face and bring out your beauty. If you do not have a short bob hairstyle, think about getting it.


 Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layers are excellent for adding some texture and volume to your hair. Layered hairstyles in all cases look perfect and amazing. Even if you do not want to cut your hair you may simply add some layers and your hairstyle will continue look fresh and stylish


Braided Hairstyle

Braids! I will never get tired of speaking about braids because braided hairstyles are the easiest and at the same time most beautiful hairstyles. Many types of braids give you an opportunity to choose the one which is perfect for your face features.  If you are not good at braiding, I am sure you know how to get a simple braid so go ahead with a simple one and rock the style.


 Side Fishtail Braid

The most popular types of braided hairstyles are fishtail braids. This style looks perfect on long locks, so if you like it just get the side fishtail braid and have an impressive and attractive look.


 Bun Hairstyle

If you are seeking for a formal hairstyle, it means bun hairstyle is for you. It is very easy to style; you will need just five minute to get a bun hairstyle. Well, there are various bun hairstyles you may do your own research to find the type that you want. You can choose either low or high bun hairstyle.


 Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

Ballerina bun is the most popular among bun hairstyles. You can wear it for formal occasion. I do really love ballerina bun hairstyle.


 Curly Hairstyle

Curly hairstyle is really perfect and is cost to wear. Curly hairstyle is great for all hair types.  Curly hair gives you an opportunity to create different kinds of hairstyles. Use your imagination to get a unique style.


Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle is the most popular one among celebrities and non-celebrities. You can wear wavy hairstyles for any occasion.


 Long Layered Hairstyle

As we have already mentioned layers add volume and texture to hair. If your hair is long you may opt for layers in order to break a monotone look of the style. With the layers hairstyle looks more interesting and capturing.


 Medium Length Layered Hairstyle

Medium is the best hair length that one may sport. Medium length hairstyle is the cool option for those who do not want to have both long and short hair. Particularly with the layers medium length hair looks too much feminine and attractive.



Messy Hairstyle

Tease your hair and get a messy hairstyle which will inspire you and kepp you energetic. Messy hairstyle recently has become one of the most popular hairstyles which are worth to try. This hairstyle leaves an impression like you just woke up and did not comb your hair.


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Wigs in Europe are came from ancient Egypt. The vanguard of men who wore Romanesque wigs in the 17th century is theFrench King Louis XIII. He wore wigs to hide the scar on his head. And then his courtiers began to wear wigs to curry favor with him. His son who inherits his throne also wears wigs because of his scant hair. Then his subjects emulate him one after another. There are more than 45 kinds of wigs in that time, even the people with thick hair prefer to follow this fashion. Wigs then become the symbol of the great era of the monarchy.

People in ancient Greek and Roman always think the bald man was punished by God. The Romans even prepare to let the parliament pass the “Baldy Act” to forbid bald men to run for senator, bald slaves can only sell for half price. In order to protect themselves from discrimination, bald men wear wigs to hide this flaw. Wigs got further popularization, in the Roman empire period, many Europeans, even the emperor wear wigs. The hair of the enemy soldiers and civilians always was given to the palace as trophies.

Some nobles will also cut the hair of slaves to make wigs. Married women must cover their hair as the custom in that time, some poor of them will also sell their hair for money. Some poor peasants also braid their hair and cut them to sell to the wigs market when it grows long enough.


Wigs, ancient Chinese interpretation is 鬄、髢(dì)、髲鬄(bì), refers to the artificial hair that is not growing naturally from one’s head. They are wore for different usages. “DI” is the generic terms of wigs, and “BI” is the specific name for wigs made by human hair.


In Asia, wigs has appeared in China for a long time. They are repeatedly mentioned in “The Book of Songs”.

44 In the Spring and Autumn period(770 BC – 476 BC), wigs became prevalent in China.

d Traditional hairstyles of Japan are also always combed with the hair products.


In Korean Peninsula, wearing buns became popular in Koryo Dynasty (918 AD- 1392AD).

fMoreover, in Africa, ancient Egyptians began to wear wigs since more than 4 thousand years ago. It is one of the earliest nations who began to use wigs, and then spread it to Europe.


When you cut your hair too short accidently, do you wish to restore your hair to the originalwithin

one night? Although there is nothing can help you except hair extensions, but you can actually make

 your hair grow faster through adjusting your physical state.


Vary your diet

A healthy dietary habit, for example having enough protein and nutritions, is surely can give

your hair more nutrient. Dr. Gervaise, a doctor of NewYork cosmetic and dermatology dep

artment, recommended people to intake more omega-3 fatty acids.

You can get it through eating salmon. Besides, nut is also a good raw material of nutritions,

especially almond.


Don’t go on a diet

Dr. Gervaise says that the status of the weight ups and downs cannot only hurt our health,

but also has a bad impact on our hair. When you go on a diet, nutritions for hair will be aut

omatically reduced to ensure the normal physiological metabolism. It is difficult to grow lon

g hair with the lack of necessary nutrients.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.


Reduce the heat to your hair

It is well known that heating of the hair will hurt it seriously, so you’d better reduce the num

ber of using a curling iron or hair dryer as soon as possible. And use deep hair membrane

to give your hair moisten cares. In order to make hair grow healthily, you should adjust the

state of the hair at first.



Most blacks in America come from West Africa, where people’s hairs are all kinky, loosely curled or flowing. In the 1400s and 1500s, there were all kinds of beautiful hairstyles. Women had the right kind of oils and combs to do them. Some took hours, while some even took days. Only the maid and the mourning did not do their hair.


Then 1500s witnessed slave ships from Europe. As soon as the colonist caught the natives, they would cut off their hairs. It was merely the beginning of a long process of wiping out the culture and identity. In this way, colonist intent to better control the blacks by breaking their spirits.. Slaves began to arrive in America in the 1600s.


During the time from 1600s to 1700s, American slaves often overworked or stressed out to death owing to cruel exploitation. There was little time left for things like beautiful African hairstyles. So most women covered their hair in a rag. Not only to hide their undone hair but sometimes to even hide things like ringworms, which left places on your head where no hair would grow. Luckily, women who worked indoors were able to do their hair. For them braiding was just common things.

In the 1800s the slave ships stopped coming from Africa. That meant slaves in America could no longer work so hard: their lives were now worth more ($1500 and up). So they started getting Sundays off and have some time to do their hair. So they would still cover their hair in a rag during the week days but uncover it on Sundays for church.


There are two reasons about the changes:
The lack of hair care products: No palm oil or the right kind of combs were sold in America. So women had to handle their hair with butter and bacon grease and the carding combs of sheep.
The idea of “good hair” and “bad hair”: Living in a country of white racists made black women see kinky hair as “bad hair” and straight, flowing hair as “good hair”. So they tried to straighten their hair even if it meant using dangerous chemicals like lye (which they mixed with potatoes).

After the civil war when the slaves were freed the idea of good hair, if anything, grew stronger: the blacks who had been freed before the war wanted to hang on to their position at the top of black society, so they used as their excuse their light skin – and “good hair”.

The Wa people live mainly in China’s Yunnan Province, a beautiful place with mountains and river around. Since ancient times on, the maidens of Wa people have valued the hair length most. Maidens like to wash hair in front of the bamboo house and sit there to wait for the wind to dry wet hair gradually. What a beautiful scene! Black long hair dance with the wind.


Hair-swinging dance was originated from a beautiful love story 500 years ago. At that time, there is an affectionate couple. The man’s name is Qi Yan while the woman Daier Yi. The handsome and masculine man and his charming looking wife with long black hair are made for each other. One day, they went to dig some bamboo sprouts as food. Unfortunately,they were trapped by spider’s net among the bushes. Daier was in a very embarrassing condition for her long hair all messed up. Qi was expected to be very clever and invent a comb with bamboo to help his wife finishing her hair while they chatted with each other joyfully and sweetly. Under the moonlight, they danced and song happily with smooth hair flying about in the wind. From then on, Wa people have developed a convention that man comb hair for woman and woman dance with hair. The customs have been held nowadays.


Hair swinging dance has a strong rhythm and unchained melody. The movements are so elegant and unconventional,sometimes like flames roaring, sometimes like overshooting waterfall and sometimes like huge rolling waves. From the simple and straightforward primitive dance, we can see the true dance with most direct, pure and adequate expressions.


Hair-swinging dance has the efficacy to help people keep fit and beauty. As a famous saying goes, life lies in movement, hair-swinging dance is no exception.


Compared to other dances, hair-swinging dance is very similar to cervical vertebra dance with the basic movements such as swinging, whipping and rotating. Due to long time sitting in front of computers, modern people usually have problems such as exhaustion, body stiffness, neck ache and so on. Hair-swinging dance will definitely solve them.


Nowadays, hair-swinging dance is more and more popular in the society. In 2007, in the opening ceremony of Licang Tea Culture Expo, thousands of people did a magnificent performance together about the hair-swinging dance, which was granted by Guinness book of records’ Shanghai agent and reported by many media by its big cast, wild hair swinging and elegant movements.

In life and modern communication, more and more people realize that Hair extensions and wigs could continue to play an important role in our daily life.

Hair extensions are any artificial hair that is added to one’s naturally growing hair. Hair extensions are made in several different forms with different application techniques.

Types of Hair used in the manufacture of Extensions

Human Hair

Human hair extensions are made from genuine human hair that is paid for and harvested by people, usually young women all over the world.Particularly in China and India.


Hair exension

Human hair extensions can adjust or vary broadly in quality. On the low end of the scale, hair is chemically stripped of its cuticle so that it can be machine processed without regard for direction or root-tip alignment. If the cuticle were left in, the root-tip alignment could become mixed up, the microscopic scales that form the cuticle would be opposed and snag on each other causing tangling. The negative effects of stripping the cuticle are brittleness, reduced protection from sunlight, dryness, salt, chlorine and pollution as well as a tendency to absorb liquids and swell or matt. It is not advisable to color or heat-style this hair.

Hair style

Remi hair describes hair that has not had its cuticle stripped and has at least been partially hand-processed to maintain root-tip alignment. This hair is more expensive but will remain in good condition for much longer than stripped hair. It can also be heat styled and colored. Sadly, this industry is not regulated and many manufacturers will mark products with Remi or Remy, hair that has no cuticle or is even mixed with synthetic materials.

Human hair extension

Apart from the 2 types described above, there is a third type of hair. Virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically treated. It is harvested, sanitized and sold in bulk. Having said that, hair that is in poor condition, such as Split ends, chlorine/salt/UV damaged hair etc. rarely finds it way into this market as the buyers have strict conditions and expectations, therefore eliminating any hair thy deem unfit for sale.

This means raw hair materials also need to be maintained, if you’d like to purchase and apply high-quality hair extension or wigs for a long time then we suggest you do your research.

Hair products, such as wigs, hair extensions and hairpieces which are widely used nowadays, are usually made with different hair types that collected from worldwide. Hair with different origins also has different natures. Today, we’d like to introduce the most popular hair types in the hair industry.

Indain Hair

Indian Hair: Indian hair originates from the temples of India. It is the most readily available hair on the market- and therefore often the cheapest. Indian hair is the most readily available hair on the market. Indian hair is thick, but thinner than Chinese hair. Indian hair is shinier than Chinese hair, and often is available in very long lengths.

Malaysian Hair

Malaysian Hair: Malaysian hair originates from Malaysia. Malaysian hair comes from the Malaysian temples and is sold by some Malaysian women to make money for their families. Malaysian hair is a newer competitor on the hair market. And is a bit more expensive because it is more rare than Indian and Chinese hair. Malaysian hair is thinner and softer than Chinese and Mongolian hair and can very well be used for European hair or other fine hair types.

Chinese Hair

Chinese Hair: Chinese hair originates from China. A typical Chinese hair strand is straight, thick and coarse. It is often a great match for African-American hair. Chinese hair is often the preferred hair to use to create kinky curly or kinky relaxed textures because of its coarseness.

Mongulian Hair

Mongolian Hair: Mongolian hair comes from Mongolia. Mongolian hair is very rare due to Mongolia only having a population of 2.6 million people. Poor Mongolian women sell their hair for profit. Mongolian hair is best described as in between Chinese and Malaysian hair. It is thinner and not coarse as Chinese hair, but not quite as soft as Malaysian hair.

European Hair

European Hair: This hair is a native of Europe and primarily used by Caucasians. The hair has a light silky feel. It is in limited supply and much more expensive than Indian or Chinese Remy

People who wear hair products may have different preference, some may like thicker hair as they can hold the style longer, however, some want a softer feeling, so they may choose European hair or Indian hair. No matter what hair type it is, the one that suits you is just the best hair!

In recent years, full lace wigs for black women have become increasingly popular. After discovering that African-American starlets and R&B singers such as Beyonce achieved their flawless tresses via full lace wigs, fashion-forward and hair conscience women everywhere have been clamoring to purchase their very own.

The black women’s hair is hard to style and straighten because it’s very thick and curly so the most of them choose to wear wigs.

To choose the full lace wig for black women, the right texture, length and color are very important. We’ll focus on the texture and color as these are the biggest signs that the hair you are wearing wasn’t grown by your head.

First is the color,the color including the hair color and lace color, for the hair color, the darker the skin are, the darker the hair should be. So the color popular among the black women is #1, natural black, #1B and #2. Make sure the color of the skin suits the color of the wig, so it looks much natural.

For the lace color, the black women use most is medium brown and dark brown, because it match the black women’s skin color perfectly.

Second is the hair texture. The hair texture popular among the black women as below: yaki, kinky curl, kinky straight, afro curl

The Yaki texture:

Yaki Texture

Kinky curl:

kinky curl

Kinky straight

kinky straight

Afro curl

Afro curl

The hair length they like is different from 12 inch to 28 inch.

Full lace wigs for black women have become all the rage and with good reason. They give women a lot of versatility when it comes to styling their hair. At the end of the day, the truth is that full lace wigs for black women allow women to instantly add length, thickness and rock a celebrity-worthy hairstyle, whenever they desire.

Wearing a wig for a judge or barrister is one of the most famously unique features in UK traditions and past times. In other countries and regions, including former British colonies, we can even see this precisely British culture branch out into Hong Kong.

The question, why do British Judges and barristers wear these wigs? Many people who’ve studied British history provide various explanations.


British lawyer wig

The Four Explanations:


Louis XIV began the trend of wearing wigs. The balding Louis XIV adopted the wig out of vanity. When King Charles II returned from the French court. The trend spread like a wildfire among the wealthy of England and by 1660, the House of Lords had adopted the fashion.

British Judge Wig


England emerged from a civil war between the Crown, Cavalier King Charles II, and the Parliament-supporting Roundheads, named for the shorn heads of the Puritans. With the monarchy restored, long judicial wigs which made a statement against the Roundheads.


A bench of Judges/Lords, dressed uniformly, from wig to toe, which is implied to unitedthe front representing the Crown’s interest, rather than the individual interests of its members. Robes and wigs also hiddetails of clothing that potentially distract attention during a court proceeding.


Numerous campaigns were launched to rid barristers and Lords of wigs during legal proceedings. Sir Robert Collier waged the first effort, inspired by a sticky summer of 1868. As of 2010, all historical and modern attempts failed, citing tradition as the main reason for continuing the practice.

Cosplay, short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants wear costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.


Cosplay costumes vary greatly and can range from simple outfits to highly detailed “mecha” suit. Cosplay is generally considered different from Halloween and Madri Gras costume wear as the intention is to accurately replicate a specific character, rather than to reflect the culture and symbolism of a holiday event. As such, when in costume, cosplayers will often seek to adopt the affect, mannerisms and body language of the characters they portray. The characters chosen to be cosplayed may be sourced from any movie, TV series, book, comic book, video game or music band but the practice of cosplay is most often associated with replicating anime and manga characters.


Cospaly, the performance art of costumed role playing, often requires a wig for complete accuracy, especially for costumes that have very odd or very complex hairstyles or hair colors that are difficult to reproduce with real hair. The use of a wig can make it easier for the wearer of the cosplay costume to dress up without spending hours on their hair every time they want to wear a costume or to change hairstyle to their character’s costumes without changing their personal hairstyle preferences.

cosplay wig


There are many different types of hair extension for women, and the keratin hair extension become more and more popular now, there two methods for the keratin hair extension, hot fusion hair and cold fusion hair, both is very good. What’s their difference?

First for the hot fusion:

hot fusion

Hot fusion is a strand method attached at the keratin based tips with a heating element. Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions and tip hair extensions. They are applied to your natural hair in small ‘bundles’ with a heated keratin adhesive. Since your hair is already made of 90% keratin (a protein compound,) this method is actually gentler on hair than regular glue is.

The step of applying hot fusion hair extension:

The step of hot fusion hair extension

Hot fusion hair extensions last anywhere from 2-4 months and take about 2 hours to install. With hot fusion hair extensions you can do a variety of hair styles including updo and styling your hair down.

Second the cold fusion hair extension:

cold fusion micro loop

Cold fusion is also known as micro link, micro loop hair extension. It is another strand method that is applied by weaving small sections of hair through a micro link tube. To install you use weaving tools and pliers to weave the small sections of hair.

Cold fusion hair extensions were created to be a gentle alternative than keratin hot fusion hair extensions. Cold fusion hair extensions does not use heat to apply the hair extensions to your hair. This is a no heat hair extensions method that bonds hair via a ultra sound applicator. It is a more updated extensions method that was created to be a lot gentler on your natural hair than hot fusion.

The step of applying cold fusion hair extension:

The step of cold fusion hair extension

No glue, no tape, I-tip extensions are perfect for women who want to be healthy and natural. You see, the equipment cost is low, even in the online store you can get these tools in a lower price when you purchase hair extensions there.

In summary, both fusion methods can result in a smooth finished look that is devoid of any bumps that are inherent in the sew-in method of attaching extensions. Using the micro clamps in the Cold Fusion method may help to create a flatter look and feel than that of the Regular or Hot Fusion but that may be in the eyes of the beholder.

Over the course of history, the wig, a man made head covering of real or artificial hair, has come and gone from fashion time and time again.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, the use of wigs fell into interruption in the West for a thousand years until they were recovered in the 15th century as a means of compensating for hair loss or improving one’s personal appearance.

There are also a practical purpose: the unclean or insanitary conditions of the time meant that hair attracted head lice, a problem that could be much reduced if natural hair were shaved and replaced with a more easily de-loused artificial hairpieces.


From 16centurys, wig become very fashionable more than Two centuries in west countries, Why? Expect for above reason, participation from royal was crucial to the revival of the wig. The first famous woman who is fond of wig from royal is Queen Elizabeth I. Elizabeth was Queen of England. This was also the age of William Shakespeare’s plays and France Bacon’s philosophy.She often wore a red wig, tightly and elaborately curled in a “Roman” style, while among men King Louis XIII of France (1601–1643) started to pioneer wig-wearing. wig absolutely not become so popular without this king .when he is seventeen years old, he begun to bald. He worry his baldhead destroys his reputation and hire 48 Wig technicians to make various wigs for his selection. After five years King of England, his cousin, Charles II also do similar things, because his hair comes to become gray white. Under their influence, so many official begin to copy them, finally, wearing wig become a society fashion from official to common people. With the increase of cost of wig, wig comes to become one way of showing off wealth.

Examples of wigs in 16th and 17th century

The wig history in 15 - 17 century

Price of common wig is 50 shilling. This is the one week salary for a resident who live in London at that time. But elaborate wig worth 800 shilling, Even if after two king died, fashion of wig is still so hot. This fashion was largely promoted by his son and successor Louis XIV of France (1638–1715) that contributed to its spread in European and European-influenced countries.

Perukes or periwigs for men were introduced into the English-speaking world with other French styles when Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, following a lengthy exile in France. These wigs were shoulder-length or longer, imitating the long hair that had become fashionable among men since the 1620s. Their use soon became popular in the English court. The Londoner Samuel Pepys recorded the day in 1665 that a barber had shaved his head and that he tried on his new periwig for the first time:”3rd September 1665: Up, and put on my colored silk suit, very fine, and my new periwig,”Pepys noted on March 27, 1663: “I did go to the Swan; and there sent for Jervas my old periwig-maker and he did bring me a periwig; but it was full of nits, so as I was troubled to see it (it being his old fault) and did send him to make it clean.” With wigs become clothing for men with social rank, wigmakers gained considerable prestige. A wigmakers’ association was established in France in 1665, a development soon copied elsewhere in Europe. Their job was a skilled one as 17th century wigs were extraordinarily elaborate, covering the back and shoulders and flowing down the chest; not surprisingly, they were also extremely heavy and often uncomfortable to wear. Such wigs were expensive to produce. The best examples were made from natural human hair. The hair of horses and goats was often used as a cheaper alternative.

Historical records indicate that the first independent wigmakers’ association was created in 1673.The wig now enjoyed the most noble of descent from the seventeenth-century French courts of Louis XIII and Louis XIV and it became a fashion mark of noble `s power and display. The mistress of King Louis XIV wore her hair in a signature hairstyle called the la Fontange. It was a fashion look that was copied and with the help of hairpieces and were worn by numerous high upper class. By the end of the Sun King’s reign, wigs had spread well beyond the nobility of France. Kings at royal courts across Europe wore wigs, now a most essential feature of the European noble costume.

Until this time, wigs has entered the second “golden age”