Office, where we come not only for work, but also as a “half home” for us. We eat with the colleagues every day, talk every day including makeup, fashion and hair etc. We can say Office is some kind of place for XOXO. People care about what they wear and how their hair look. So today I am going to teach you several easy-to -take hairstyles. Be the icon in your office!

  1. An Easy Chignon
  2. 222

















This is absolutely no problem if you don’t ask the hair stylist but make it done at home by yourself.Just mid-part the hair and twisting the temple hair secure the same with a rubber band. Rolling up the ponytail and finally pinning it up will get your hairdo ready for work.

2.A fluffy back braid


This messed up hair is pushing all of your courage and love to flaunt style away.Plus, braids last longer than any other hairstyles.

  1. A ponytail


A ponytail is always the easiest but the all-matched with the different clothing and events.So every time if you are not sure for the hairstyle, take a easy ponytail.


Underlights hairstyle leads the fashion trend this year, so many girls are addicted to  one of the underlights hair style, the secret rainbow hair. The hairstyle is made up by different colors, like a rainbow.


“The secret” means that you can find the rainbow only when you ruffle up your hair  or tie the upper layer of your hair up, yet the rainbow is hiding underneath of your hair when you put all of your hair down.

I usually do 4 steps to achieve this style.

  1. Brush my hair first, make sure it’s nice and tangle free, and wear a old T-shirt in case I get dye on my cloth.
  2. Sectioning my hair into two parts: upper layer and the bottom layer. Then, tie up the upper one to a bun.
  3. Divide the rest of your hair (bottom layer) into different strands. Dye the prepared colors to each small sections.

(Little tips here: After I dye my first section, I’ll wrap some foils around to avoid to get the hair tangled up and avoid the color transfer them from one section to another section ).

  1. After put all the colors on my lower layer of the hair. I’ll wait for one hour before I rinse my hair.

After doing all the steps above, Ta-dah! Congrats! You get your beautiful rainbow underlights!


Here are some other ways to achieve your secret rainbow hair.

  • Hair Salon


Pros: you know it xD

Cons:  Way too expensive!!

  • DIY Hair Extensions

Pros:  To avoid harming the real hair.

Cons: Spend money to buy more than 5 different color dyes.



Goodyard hair extensions – can easily make you the rainbow hairstyle.

Custom the colors and lengths you want instead of spending around one hour to DIY to SAVE TIME, and SAVE MONEY from hair salon!

In Winter, most of us wear in black, grey and dark blue. Do you want some Pink shade this Winter? Our Gwyneth Paltrow Straight Virgin Remy Human Hair Lace Wig will be the best choice. She is one of Goodyard Celebrity Collection, which is also the Luxury collection. Be the icon!


We start by using only premium Virgin Remy Human hair and carefully selected to ensure exceptional texture and easy styling. We meticulously hand-tie every strand to our ultra-comfortable French Lace cap, providing you with all day comfort and versatility. It will offer you a glamorous appearance with natural movement that’s virtually undetectable.
There are lots of color selections from black to blonde. 613# platinum blonde will be the best choice if you would like to dye the wig.
Hand-tied lace cap construction has the natural appearance of scalp wherever the hair is separated, and imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair.
Here are some notices of this cute wig:
1.  The hair length should be measured from the hair root to the hair bottom when the hair is straight. Curly and wavy styles are developed from straight hair, so for the same length, a curly or wavy wig will be shorter by 1″-2″ than straight.
*It varies depending on how deep the curl is.
2.  You can re-style the wig just like regular hair, part it anywhere you like. We highly recommend having your wig customized by a salon professional to achieve your desired look as human hair can be easily trimmed and styled.
3. Jet Black is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the hair , we recommend a lighter color and using semi permanent color only.

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The sixth season of “game of thrones” is officially released. Why is it so good? Apart from the plot, it is believed that the beautiful shape of the actors have a relationship! Although numerous actors, but production team don’t careless, even a small role, she is dressed in beautiful costumes, the actors and the hairstyle is very perfect, can see stylist of thoughts and ideas.


Look back to the most beautiful hairstyle demonstration in the last five seasons, and each look is quite classic. The first thing to say is the dragon mother! The birth of the storm, the immolator, queen of the Miriam, khaleesi… These terms are nothing, she is really a magical woman, the soul has magic, the body is full of magic!


From her hairstyle she can see the ups and downs of her life, and when she should do something, she always has the time. It’s hard not to love! The first appearance is a girl’s pure appearance, silver-blond hair, retro mid-volume, with the extremely attractive violet blue eyes, as if a glance can be absorbed into her.


Daenerys is petite and beautiful, but in the presence of the tall, mighty dothraki, she is calm and charming, and has conquered her princes. Although there is no gorgeous dress, a simple gray skirt is enough, is still time and proportion of large deflection points, on both sides of the hair with hair low-key, two beams of hair back around, the rest of the hair behind. She has been slowly growing.


Daenerys and khal drogo’s marriage was a turning point in her life, and she grew up to be a tough and confident woman. After a few hardships, she was more and more radiant, and her whole body exuded a woman’s irresistible charm. On the day of the meeting, her hair was still covered in a little curl, with a small twist on the right side of her hair, hidden in her long hair, looming beautiful!

June is the summer of the northern hemisphere and the autumn of the southern hemisphere.

Before the topic of this month, a notice want to inform: Goodyard  taked part in the Sydney Hair Expo from 10th to 12th June. Our booth is #121!

Come on! Let’s start this month’s topic—Fashion Wigs!

Fashion is an eternal topic for Beauties. However Fashion is a very changing topic. With the continuous development of the network, the sharing of global information, the changing frequency of the fashion is also increasing. In the high-speed changing era, do you worry about that you can not keep up with the trend of fashion?In fact, this is not a difficult problem. Because the most Suitable is the most fashionable!

For the wigs, sometimes the elements of Fashion is the colors: a variety of colors are beautiful like the rainbow.

Sometimes the element of Fashion is Hair Texture: Even if the simple one hair color, different texture, Different Style and different self.

Sometimes the element of Fashion is Hair Texture: Even if the simple one hair color, different texture, Different Style and different self.


Sometimes the element of Fashion is length: different lengths with different impressions!


Sami’s familiar concludes:

Goodyard Manufacturer which have over 30 years hair experience will supply you the wigs according to your requirements.

Any interested in, please feel free to contact us!



Rihanna? She means FAHION!

Someone with heart-faces is advised to choose a hairstyle that can be backcombed or a style with side-swept bangs to balance the features and create harmonious angles. Rihanna came onto the scene with her signature short hairstyle that really made her stand out from the crowd.

Punk-inspired choppy or an asymmetric crop with choppy layers and long bangs is the staple red carpet look of Rihanna. Angled short hairstyle already has become a popular choice for women looking for a short haircut. Short hair does not have to be dull, and lots of choices are available when it comes to styling ideas. Rihanna’s cut consists of long, side-sweeping angled bangs that skim one eye. Inject glamour into long side-sweeping bangs by using a large roller to create volume and waves. This style is versatile and hair can be pulled, twisted and spiked in countless ways with the help of a little hair wax. Rihanna also experiments with bold hair colors, such as black, vixen red and bright blonds; the use of a different hair color an instantly transform your short hair for a special event.


Beautiful is for everyone!

Find us to know more about hair fashions!

Eggs for the hair for a natural effect and shine

Eggs for the hair are recommended in the form of various masks. In combination with other products, the eggs are capable of creating miracles. The eggs are an extremely useful product. Besides that they are very good for our health and an integral part of our daily menu, they are also often used in the cosmetics – both for our hair and also for the skin.

Many women have long ago discovered the wonderful properties of the egg as an ingredient of various hair masks. Mixed with other ingredients the egg helps in different hair problems.

They enter into the composition of masks for face, hair and different diets for weight loss. The eggs help the body by delivering it everything it needs. As the yolk and the white of an egg are good for the hair. They give shine and freshness to the hair, making it again beautiful and silky soft.

Mask for dry hair

Necessary products: 2 tablespoons of olive oil, one egg yolk (two if you have long hair) and vinegar (2 drops for extra shine). If the vinegar smells too much, add a little vodka. Mix all the ingredients, the easiest way would be with a mixer.

The mask should be applied to clean and pre-washed hair (it has to be slightly damp). Wrap your head with a towel and leave it to act in the next 20 minutes. The mask is rinsed and you are ready to go out. If you think that your hair looks a bit greasy (from the amount of olive oil), wash it with a little shampoo.

Mask for deep nourishing

Necessary products: one egg, 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 teaspoons of honey. You need to mix all the products and to prepare the stove. The mixture is heated. Remember that it is warmed slightly. Apply the mask carefully and wait for it to cool down if you have heated it too much. Wrap your head with a towel and stay with it within the next 20 min.

The ladies should be aware that they should not make any of those described by us masks if they are allergic to a particular product. The olive oil can be replaced with castor oil, if you happen to have available. Masks with eggs for hair are made 2 times a week to the achievement of excellent results.



Building and maintaining a successful lash business is no easy feat. Finding new clients is one thing, but turning them into repeat customers is a whole different strategy. Read on for our seven favorite tips to keeping your lash clients!


Reschedule at Each Appointment

Pinning down a fill or follow-up appointment in person is key. So often, clients forget to schedule over the phone or online and then end up falling through the cracks. Be as visual as possible when doing this and show your clients your calendar and let them choose the date.


Follow Up

If there’s a client you haven’t seen or heard from in awhile, reach out to them! Sometimes the lack of a follow up appointment are purely because the client forgot or became too busy to contact you. If there’s a reason for them not returning, listen! Which leads us too…


Listen to Feedback

Whether it be good or bad, listen to your feedback. For the things you get praised on, keep up the good work! But, it’s vital to pay attention to negative feedback. It may sting, but turn the negative feedback into positive action. Constantly improving your technique and business practices will keep your clients coming back for more.


Make Clients Feel Important

Treat every client with respect and kindness while still giving each person a unique experience. Whether it’s remembering their favorite Pandora station to play during the appointment or remembering details about their life, they’ll notice the effort and keep coming back for more. You can even create some awesome friendships through lashing!


Give Loyalty Perks

Give your clients a reason to keep coming back through loyalty perks. You can decide which works best for your clientele and business, but things like a punch card, a free fill after every 10, etc. are great ways to show your clients you appreciate your business. It also gives them incentive to stay loyal with one lash artist-YOU!


Be Transparent

Let your clients know the state of their eyelashes, how to care for their lashes, etc. If a client wants a very dramatic look but their natural lashes can’t handle the weight, let them know! Being honest and working through problems together will create a good artist-client relationship. The healthier their lashes look and feel, the happier the client will be!


Be the Best, Use the Best

Never stop learning and improving your skills. Your clients will notice your effort and determination and come back for more. Also, make sure you are only using the highest quality materials so your clients have the prettiest lashes possible!



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This is a real well known thing that the short hairstyles for women mostly including the bob hairstyle is never out of fashion for women of any age whatsoever there are usually a lot of celebrities including the actresses, models and other field related women, who sport the chick style of the bob hairstyle, the reason behind having so much praise is that actually it never goes out of the fashion and there is always a bob hairstyle version present for every single women if she is willing to give the bob hairstyle a try.

Bob hairstyle is almost very much preferred hairstyle, as we can continuously see such a large number of women supporting this hairstyle all over the world.

Layer bob hairstyle:

In this you can vary the length of the hair falling on your face and on the cheeks re length of the hair can also be from the cheeks of yours to you shoulders. If you want to give it a little bit of more oomph factor than you can also opt for the highlighting and low lighting in your hair more often.



Messy bob hair style:

Usually this is done by having irregular cuts at the ends of the hair and in this sense after proper styling the messy look is attained.



Bob hairstyle with bangs:

Opting for the bangs in the bob hairstyle reminds of the cute hairstyle always for any women of any age group, the front bangs always looks sophisticated and well mannered. Use anti frizz hair spray and hair products in order to maintain your hairstyle as by doing so your style will be managed for a long time.




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Every lash technician has the same goal – to provide the fullest lash extensions possible for each client. We all crave to provide that “wow” factor whether classic or volume lashing. If your sets aren’t making you swoon check these tips out to make sure you aren’t making any of these common mistakes!


  1. Improper Isolation

New Lash Artists always have one main struggle – and it’s usually about how to wrangle one tiny, itty-bitty natural lash between their tweezer tips to isolate it. We know it seems impossible sometimes but don’t cut corners! You may not think it’s a big deal if an extension gets applied to two natural lashes but its a HUGE deal! First of all, it cuts the potential for fullness in HALF! Think about it! If a client has 100 natural lashes per eye, and you apply the majority of extensions to two natural lashes, your potential goes from 100 extensions per eye to 50! Secondly, you WILL cause lash damage – ouch! Natural lashes aren’t all growing at the same rate. If you adhere multiple natural lashes together with lash adhesive, the natural lash growing slower will be pulled (and stressed) by the lash growing faster. This leads to stress, breakage and thinning of the lash line and breaks the cardinal rule of lash extensions: THOU SHALT NOT CAUSE DAMAGE!


  1. Not Extending Every Lash

A beautiful lash line has a large variety of different lashes mixed within it depending where each natural lash is in it’s growth cycle. Some lashes are just growing in, some are mid-growth and some are full mature lashes. Some lash companies teach to skip the smaller lashes – but that’s because back in the day we only had 0.15 and 0.20 diameters in our lash extension ranges! Now with diameters as thin as 0.05 there is NO reason why we can’t extend each and every natural lash with an extension. Shorter natural lashes get shorter, thinner extensions to keep them happy and healthy, while mature strong natural lashes get extended with length and more thickness. The result is fluffy, texturized lashes that look realistic and full!


  1. Coating Natural Lashes in Adhesive

A little lash adhesive goes a LONG way! Gone are the days of “painting” the entire natural lash in adhesive. Its unnecessary and stressful on the fragile tips of the natural lashes. To secure a lash extension to a natural lash dip 2mm of the extension base into the adhesive and apply securely to the base of the natural lash. The result? Instead of REPLACING thin natural lashes with a thicker extension by coating the entire natural lash into the bond and losing it — we ADD an extension to each natural lash which instantly DOUBLES the fullness in the lash line. The final result is fuller, softer lashes that are healthier, softer, and last longer!


  1. Too much length

Inevitably, the more you extend the natural lashes in length, the more spaced out the tips of the lash extensions will be. By keeping lash extensions only 2-3mm longer than the natural lash, they will look denser and more full opposed to super long sparse lashes. No one wants spider legs on their eyes, lashers! Tone it down for a classier look! And if you’re going to give them more length, add more texture within the lash line for multiple focus points (a method we teach in our upcoming ONLINE classes called Texturization which teaches a formula for perfectly full fluffy texture no matter how long the lash extensions!).


For more information, pls visit our website at


Decide on the desired look while bearing in mind what will best suit your features; if in doubt, ask for an opinion.


Step 2.

Carefully consider your hair texture. For example, avoid wearing curly hair with a straight extension. It is not attractive and does not speak well of the individual as regards attention to detail.


Step 3.

Pay close attention to hair colour. There are different shades of black and some have a faded appearance. So unless you are trying to be dramatic, ensure that the extension matches your hair colour as closely as possible. That includes any colour you decide to wear.


Step 4 .

Length is also important.
 This is where your comfort-ability comes in. If you are accustomed to short hair and are not sure about wearing long extensions, go with what you are comfortable with; if you want to be adventurous, that is fully encouraged but remember to get something that will suit you and not someone else. After all, what looks good on one will not look good on all. Focus on accentuating your physical features.


Step 5.

Take into account, that the hair extension you choose will be worn for a length of time and should be chosen with occasion suitability in mind.


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If your New Year’s resolution is to try new things, a great place to start is with your hairstyle! Check out these major ‘dos to rock as you ring in 2016

Pretty Sideswept Bun
Separate a 3″ section of hair at the front, then pull the rest into a low side ponytail. Twist and pin small pieces of the pony to create a pretty bun. Then, loosely drape the front section to frame your face, and pin into the bun.


Sleek Topknot
Holy chicness! Apply a lightweight gel to damp hair and slick into a high pony. Then split the length of your hair into two sections, twist them together, and wrap into a bun. Keep in place with bobby pins


Glam Waves
Let your hair flirt! Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow it straight, then wrap small sections around a medium curling iron. Add a metallic head wrap for extra glam!


Glittery Half-Up ‘Do
Make your favorite style extra-special for New Year’s Eve by adding an all-over spritz of glitter spray! Just keep the majority of your makeup matte, so you don’t look like you fell in a vat of fairy dust.


Ribbon Braid
Dab pomade on dry hair to give it grip. Take a long ribbon and wrap it like a headband, tying it at your nape. Gather hair to one side and braid, working on the ribbon as you go.


Cute Hair Bow
Apply a leave-in lotion to tame frizzies and blow-dry your hair. Twist two small pieces of hair back and tie them in a bow, just like you would your shoelaces!


What other hairstyle you like, welcome to receive your idea.

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This Spring in 2016, GoodYardHair released a new collection of high-end synthetic wigs.All the wigs are designed by Abeir Awad, who is a world famous top designer in hair industry. There are totally 7 styles in this collection, all adopt high quality KaneKalon fiber, natural color and feeling, 100% exactly similar to the human hair but easy maintained, in a wide range of color choices. Please kindly view more details below.


Haute short style, yet ready to wear. Features a soft fringe blended in heavily texutred layers and disconnected ends throughtout to achieve a feathery, delightful silhouette and endless versatility.



Super sleek eye catching angled bob. Features a side swept fringe and jagged cut front to achieve a low-fuss style. With the chin-length cut, you can show off your shoulders and decolletage perfectly for elegant evenings. The “bob” cut is one of the most popular shor haircuts that is always on trend.



A sexy, captivating style with long,face framing subtle layers. Slight texture is created by soft layers around the back and side which compliment the length and create a perfectly shaped style.



Casually tousled style with customized razored layers for natural fullness in the crown. Long layers along the fringe enhance the sultry effect. Flipped finished tiers and arched ends compliment the versatility of the celebrity style.



Unique,yet retro,chin length bob featuring a side swept fringe horizon, angled sides graduated into a tapered nape and stacked layers through the crown to maximize texture and tousled movement.



short and “edgy” style, with point-cut layered and feathered fringe that can be tamed or tousled. Nape-hugging tapered edges combien to add Allure to this timeless silhouette.



A trendy look features a wispy cut with progressive mixed layers with heavily texturized beveled ends. A side swept fringe is razor-sliced to achieve defined layers. Tapered back with flipped flared ends. A quick shake and go style.


For more styles and information, pls kindly visit


Have you ever had a client come in for a routine lash fill looking like she had individually plucked off all her lashes?  This may be typical if your client waits much longer than the recommended time for a fill, which is about every 2-3 weeks, but if your clients are coming in with more than 50% of their lashes missing there is a problem!  A tragedy, really.

Not only will your client not be super happy, but you will be doubling your work (if they decide to come back to you)!  Why does this happen?  We want our clients to be happy and get the most out of their lashes.  But how can we help them?

Taking Care of the Adhesive



lash adhesive has a shelf life of 4 weeks once opened or 12 months if the seal has not been opened.

Using the adhesive past this time period is not recommended for several reasons.  Borboleta has limited the amount of preservatives and unnecessary chemicals in the adhesive as much as possible.  The integrity of the adhesive is naturally maintained up to 4 weeks.  After this time frame the adhesive begins to solidify inside the bottle due to the exposure to the air (opening and closing the bottle).  This makes the glue more clumpy and produces more water as a byproduct in the adhesive.  It becomes an unfavorable consistency and will not work as well to adhere to the natural lash.

If you are using fresh adhesive and proper technique, it is best to talk with your clients about their makeup routine to identify the problem.

Makeups to Avoid

Certain makeups can breakdown the adhesive quicker than others.  To understand why, you must know that cyanoacrylate is a polar molecule.  Molecules can either be polar or nonpolar.  In general, polar molecules are dissolved or broken down by other molecules that are polar.  The same is true with nonpolar molecules – nonpolar molecules are dissolved or broken down by other molecules that are nonpolar.

Many makeups contain both polar and nonpolar molecules.  Since cyanoacrylate is polar, products that contain more polar molecules should be avoided around your eyes.

Foundations and powders don’t have direct contact with your lashes, so they are generally safe to use no matter what the chemical composition. I will mostly be focusing on eyeliner, eyeshadows, and makeup removers.


Makeup Removers

Many oil-based makeups, including makeup removers contain molecules that have a polar head (or a polar part to the molecule).  This polar part will “attack” the cyanoacrylate and weaken the bonds between the lash extension and the natural lash.  Makeup removers and oil-based makeups should be avoided at all costs.  Even makeup removers that state they are oil-free often times contain polar molecules.

Makeup wipes are also not the best option for the same reason.

Eye makeup should be cleaned using the Borby Lash Bath (1 cup distilled water to 1 Tbsp baby shampoo and the tiniest pinch of baking soda) and your hands.  If you are wearing eyeliner, or makeup that requires a little more attention to remove, it is best to use a micro swab or lip disposable gloss applicator.  You don’t want to use Q-tips as the fibers will get caught in the lashes.

real mink fur


Wax-based eyeliners should be avoided.  Most eyeliner pencils contain some kind of wax, if that helps you identify wax-based eyeliners.  Eyeliners that contain wax help the eyeliner stick to your eyelids and also your lashes.  When wax-based eyeliners are removed it becomes a battle of whether or not they will be taking the lashes with them.

The lash trend lately has been leaning for a more natural and full look, so many girls have chosen to avoid eyeliner all together!   But if you are still set on using eyeliner the best eyeliners are liquid or gel based.  Erin’s favorite lash-friendly liner is Black Track by Mac, it’s a gel liner you apply with an angled brush.

horse hair


Most eyeshadows are safe and easy to use with lashes, because they aren’t immediately touching the lash line.  However, to be safe cream and paste shadows should be avoided as they are more likely to dissolve the adhesive and make your lashes fall off.

mink fur

Final Words of Advice

The best way to preserve the adhesive and get the most out of your lashes is to limit the amount of physical strain your lashes experience.  Meaning, the less you tamper with your lashes, besides the recommended washing and brushing, the better condition they will be.

Your lashes are supposed to be fun and an expression of you, so don’t stress too much about your makeup usage.

If your eyelashes are stubbornly-straight, chances are even after curling and using mascara they stick straight down and look sad. Having beautifully curled lashes make eyes look more awake, most of the time the right trick will help the lashes keep its curl. Here are a few tips to help fix droopy eyelashes


Heated Eyelash Curler

For stubborn, straight lashes that don’t seem to hold a curl- the Heated Lash Curler is the best for long-lasting results. The curler comes in a wand like shape that is much similar to a mascara brush, once the curler is heated use it to wiggle from the base of your lashline to the ends. You will need to hold the wand in place at the base for 5 to 10 seconds before moving upward. If you want thicker, darker, fuller and longer eyelashes, do not forget to apply mascara before using your heated lash curler


Curling Mascara

If you’re blessed with gorgeous long lashes, you probably have a hard time keeping them looking curled all day. The moment you finish curling your eyelashes, apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara and skip out on using volatizing mascara. A curling mascara provides lift immediately after curling and seals in your curl for all day wear. If your longer lashes ends up smearing mascara onto their lower eyelids, a waterproof formula is key. The consistency is lighter and have a drier texture so the lashes freeze in the curl quicker.


Fiber Volume

Goodyard lashes work best to build the look of more volume and thickness while holding a curl. The formula is lightweight with the black sculpting fibers seamlessly build onto your own lashes to achieve naturally voluminous lashes. If you struggle with false eyelashes looking too outrageous and unnatural, lash fibers create a flattering look of fake lashes without the application frustration. Most mascara will weight down the lashes causing them to appear droopy, Goodyard lashes are a better alternative!


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