There is always a topic we can never ignore- thinning hair. How to cover? How to make it look normal? How to find your beauty back? There are some certain answers — wigs, hair pieces, extensions and so on. Today we are going to introduce you one kind of hair piece for thin hair- lace closure.

People may feel like the lace is too dark to look like our scalp. Some people may put powder or foundation to lighten. We try but still not sure how natural it would look having to make it much lighter. Many people are with snow white scalp. This is a main concern.

Some people may require transparent lace base, you may think it would be more undetectable, actually it’s not. The hair knot we called – hair root which go through the lace hole can be seen obviously.

But if you have ever used a lace closure, you wouldn’t worry about this. The lace we used is light brown that is the most welcomed and used currently. With different hair loss area, Uniwigs provides different lace base from small size 3.5*4 up to bigger size 6*6. We can do free part, three part or middle part to match customers’ needs.


Goodyard insists on improving and developing hair products skills based on requirements and feedback from customers and marketing.

Hope all these talked about bring hope to people who are with thin hair.


A lace closure and a lace frontal are not the same thing, but people often confuse the two. Lace closures are not frontals but frontals can be considered closures. The main difference between the two is that a closure only covers the middle portion of the top of the head. 360 Lace frontal closures are new to many people but becoming very popular for a number of reasons.


1.The added benefit of a 360 lace frontal is that you can part it anywhere allowing you to create many more styles. You can also feel free to wear your hair in a ponytail or high bun and still look picture perfect. Using a 360 lace frontal closure that matches the hair texture and curl pattern of the weave bundles creates a completely uniform and flawless look.

2. 360 Lace Frontals are a great way to protect your hair. If you are wearing a weave, when you use a closure instead of leave out you don’t need to worry about the leave out becoming weak, brittle and unhealthy.

3. Constant braiding (when the braids are too tight or the hair/extensions are too heavy) and manipulation of hair at the hairline can cause bald spots, a receding hairline, or thinned out edges. A nice lace frontal closure can cover this up and allow the area to heal and hair to grow back.

4. Besides these factors ,another factor is the price,as 360 lace frontal just can do lace front wigs by yourself. So you need buy 1 pieces 360 lace frontal and three human hair bundles, then the total price will equal a lace front wigs price,even lace front wig is cheaper than it.



1. If you want an easy protective style that you can change very often, you can purchase weave bundles and a 360 lace frontal closure to make your own wigs or have wigs custom made for you.
2. If you want do your lace wigs by yourself, then you can choose 360 lace frontal together with human hair bundles. But if you want wear direct or want have a better experience on lace wigs, then choose full lace wigs.


  1. Commonly used to take off on the bracket

Every day when you don’t wear your wig, you should put a wig placed, put on the bracket.

  1. Not commonly used should put them in plastic bags

If there is a period of time not wearing a wig or do not wear, it is necessary to collect the wig, it is best not to exposure in the air, easy to dust or messy, so it should be put a wig received the original use wig, or received in the plastic bag.


  1. Regular cleaning wig

If often wear a wig, it is recommended washed once a week, cleaning time to pay special attention to the wig is not wash with hot water, will destroy the hair quality, and can’t be a long soak in the water. After the cleaning, the airing in the ventilation automatic air dry.

  1. Hair care to keep the bright lubrication

Cleaning wig when must not hand to rub, see wig knot not to pull, should use conditioner, gently straighten out, and the use of conditioner wig will be glamorous, like just bought.


  1. Sparse tooth comb to straighten out the wig

Usually take off the wig should use the kind of sparse comb gently straighten out the wig, clean up the dust. Select the sparse combs, in order to prevent the dense comb easily put the wig broken, can also use special wig comb.

  1. Curly hair wig can’tuse comb

If you hair is curly hair, then you must not use a comb to take care of curly hair Oh, and finally to gently take care of the hand gently on the line, with a comb to take care of the volume of curly hair do not.


  1. Wig turn wet towel rescue

If the hair wig accidentally bent to do, must not use a hand to pull straight, easy hair. If you are too lazy to wash it, you can cover the wig with a towel to dry naturally, will straighten.

  1. Non oil maintenance liquid nursing wig

Wig for a long time, there is no started to buy that beautiful black, actually every day before wearing a wig with non oily skin care liquid in the wig spray some wigs can not only anti electrostatic, and restore the original appearance, lubrication and stylish.


Goodyard Supply This Summer Popular Lace Front Wig—Synthetic Braided Hair Wig:


Lace Closures Explained

Lace Closures are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures makes them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline. Our natural hair doesn’t always blend well with foreign textures; for instance Brazilian or Indian, and as a result, some weaves tend to reveal breakage, bald spots and thinned edges: closures can be used effectively to prevent such occurrences. We answer the question, What is a Lace Closure?


If you know what to look for in Lace closures, you will have an easier time at the beauty salon. Here are some facts and tips about closures you should know about:

  • A lot of women tend to confuse frontals with lace closures. Closures are not frontals; however, frontals can be considered closures. Lace frontals are basically a hairpiece which mimics a person’s hairline, covering it up from ear to ear.
  • Closures come in different forms and sizes so not every purchase would work for you. Look for the size that works perfectly for your scalp so that it fits well. Laced based closures are preferable because they lay flatter and are more comfortable.
  • Never use glue for your closure; it’s a common mistake among women and it could lead to hair loss. Sew the closure in to avoid spoiling it or losing hair.
  • Closures cover the crown and though a frontal can be sewn or clipped in the back, the best method for putting it in place is by bonding. The bonding process involves liquid or tape adhesive whereby the adhesive is applied sparingly to the lace mesh and then carefully secured on the front part of the hairline.
  • When wearing a weave, keep the area at the front hairline and crown well blended.
  • Sewn-in or bonded weaves usually require lace closures to cover the top area where the track hair or weaving hair gets sewn/bonded down. This process often creates an area called the “horseshoe” where some hair gets left out. Closures can be used to cover up that area and add some decorative style to enhance the weave.
  • Always make sure you tint the materials used on your closure so that it matches your scalp. When you properly tint the closure it makes it easier to part, pull back or twist your hair in any style you want without drawing attention to the closure.
  • You may use liquid, tape adhesives or weaving thread to apply closures: that will create a natural-looking head of weave. Just about everyone will be convinced it’s your natural hair.
  • In order to get the best results, always get your closure fitted by a professional.



Apart from lace closures, several other types of closures exist. They include the following:

Silk Base Closures:



Monofilament closure:


It’s essentially a mesh which happens to be the most durable type of closure and is applied in a single-strand method, hence the name mono-filament. It is perfect for stiffer hairstyles with full bangs because it maintains the original shape without much effort. The mesh creates a natural-looking transparent base which happens to be transparent and makes the scalp look better. Skin-polyurethane closure: comes in a thin, flexible silicone base which tends to create the illusion of a natural scalp. It is not durable though, and it doesn’t let air in so it would not be ideal in hotter climates.


Combination/Hybrid closure:

Uses the longevity of monofilament and combines it with lace so as to create a natural-looking hairline. Hybrid closures come in high density especially in the portion with monofilaments and the lace when combined with flesh-tone silk creates a more natural look.


Invisible Part Closure:


This type of closure involves wefted hair sewn into a mesh base. It usually comes in an oblong shape and can be fitted in at an angle, where the depth of part can be manipulated without including the hairline.

What do you think is the best way that you can get the desired gorgeous look and impressive personality?

Maybe you are used to choose the right hair style and clothing in a better combination with jewelry.

This question is very common among women who often visit beauty shops and hair care salons to make their own style statement and personality appearance. For them, selecting of the suitable human hair wigs is certainly the best choice. For gorgeous women who are not satisfied with their hair length and thickness or the color of their real hair, they always choose from variety of human hair lace wigs that are made from 100 percent human hair. Manufacturers in China and different other countries are offering you a variety of lace wigs that you can choose from. If you are looking for such lace wigs and virgin hair for your business or customers, you can choose some better suppliers online at the right website.

Selection of human hair lace wigs is very easy. choose from the varied styles from the good supplier. Human hair wigs are categorized by full lace wig, lace front wig, machine made wigs. You can also search texture styles such as body wave, deep wave, water wave, loose wave, straight, loose curl, afro curl, deep curly, Kinky Curly etc. you can choose the specifications that can match all your needs and suitable for your personality or you like.

There are different types of human hair wigs in different colors, sizes, cap constructions, lengths and styles available from suppliers online for your choice. You must find the right company that can supply you best quality products to buy the perfect hair products you desire in your budget and the choice of your customers. Prices are competitive and will go well your budget. You can place sample order online first from a supplier before place bulk order. Some attractive discounts are also provided to you while deals run for bulk order. There is a lot more for you to choose from a selected company. So what you are hesitating for, contact sales on the site, make a decision to go ahead and place your sample order.



Most people like wigs, not just for covering up flaws, but most for fashion and beauty. And some people especially love to DIY their own wigs with lace closures and hair wefts. It is much cheaper than a human hair wig and also gives people more sense of achievement. For the full head hand made wig, need 3 hair wefts and 1 piece of lace closure. Now I’ll show you how to make the wigs by yourselves.

First you’ll need a foamed plastics model head. Put the cap on the head. Make the lace closure fixed to the cap.

Now, started by sewing the closure down to the cap.

Sew the weft under the edge of the cap so it can be worn in a high ponytail.

Sew using the loop & pull method for secure wefts. Never sew threw wefts!

Secure your wefts before flipping.

Apply tracks in a upside down U shape, it creates smoothness.

Make tight neat loop & pull stiches

Your tracks should be in the upside down U shape not straight across

Sew the last track all the way around & attach it to the closure.

Be sure to make stitches tight and small

Cut the U shape piece of cap from under the closure.

Ending results! You can add some large curls or cut some layers.

After reading it, then would you like to try to make your own hand made wigs? Do it right now!

In fact, most people would like to get it at salons or buy the wefts with lace closures at shops and then get them made into wigs at salons. So I believe it’ll be a hot seller at salons and hair stores. Why don’t you get some inventory of them? Don’t hesitate to make an order of the wefts with closures at! Even samples are available. Always there waiting for you 😀

Few women have the hair that they want. Those with curly hair long for straight looks while those with straight hair do everything in their power to achieve those desirable curls. Women with short hair think they want long while their sisters with long looks ponder something much shorter. There are options available to help us change our look on a nearly daily basis. Now, a great variety of hair pieces for women are available in a multitude of colors.


Ponytail hairpieces, clip-in hairpieces, hair bun, all these hair pieces for women are designed to blend with existing hair. Hairpieces come in many colors and styles, and let’s learn how to choose the hairpieces suitable for you.


  1. Decide the looks that you would like to achieve with your hairpieces. Do you want to make your hair appear longer? Do you want thicker looking hair? Do you crave curls, lovely loose waves, bone straight hair or something else? Whatever your desires might be, it is important to identify them specifically before moving on to the next step.


  1. Determine if you want to maintain that color or return to your natural shade. If you purchase one or more hairpieces to match your dyed hair, you will need to be able to maintain that color in order to continue using your hairpiece. In many instances, it might be more beneficial to return to your normal hair color and purchase hairpieces that match your natural shade. Of course, if you purchase human hair pieces, you will have more options with regard to color and style than if you choose synthetic pieces that can’t be dyed.
  1. Consider investing in high quality virgin human hair pieces. Hairpiece designers and distributors purchase virgin human hair pieces that have never been chemically processed, and this is preferred for every day or daytime use. Ponytail hairpieces made from virgin human hair last 2-3 times longer than that made from normal human hair, and the price is worth it.1
  2. Inject some fun into life with inexpensive accent hairpieces. These easy to apply synthetic hairpieces such as synthetic ponytail hairpieces can give the temporary and dramatic appearance for a dance, wedding or a party.


  1. Select an attachment method that suits you. Temporary methods use liquid adhesive, tape or clips to secure the hairpiece. A special glue frequently used by balding individuals keeps the hairpiece in place during swimming and showering.
  1. Find a stylist who is familiar with hair pieces for women if you want a suitable hairpiece. These hairpieces may not be ready to wear, and need to be trimmed and styled before use.

Hair closures are added to the top or sides of your hair or hair weave and can be parted to whatever side after putting them on your crown so that is why they always look great and natural.

The advantages to using hair closures are that they always look realistic and some are arranged with baby hair at the front to simulate the growing of your natural hairline. They cause minimum or no damage on your natural hair and hence are a danger free addition. These hair pieces are also great because they can vary from small to big, but they are almost always applied in small patches. You can go to a hair dresser or do it yourself at home and the result will always be stunning no matter what.

Lace Closure Application Guide
1. Regardless of whether you want to install a lace closure hair on sew-in or glue-in weaves, tracks will be needed for the weft of the closure.
2. Complete the process of sewing in or gluing in hair extensions to tracks or cornrow braids of natural hair.
3. Clean the skin around the outer edge of the hairline with rubbing alcohol.
4. Make sure that you leave a U-shaped portion of cornrow braids on the crown of your head. This is what you have to install the Swiss lace closure.
5. Apply a thin line of adhesive. Keep in mind that a little bit of adhesive is enough. Gently press it down until it is secured. Alternatively, you can use a dark colored sewing thread and C-shaped needle to attach the lace closure to the U-shaped section of tracks.

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What is a Toupee?

hair loss

A toupee is an extremely popular hair product that is usually worn to disguise a bold spot on the head. It is easy to wear and requires no surgical procedures. Only by special hairpiece tape or bonding adhesives need to be used. There are many kinds of toupees including men’s toupee, hair and women’s toupee. However, the most common one is primarily used for men, since it is men whom mainly suffer the problem of hair loss. Therefore the toupee is the best available solution for it.

Differences between the Toupee and a Wig


Usually a wig is designed to cover the entire scalp of the wearer and should blend in with the natural hair color and style of the wearer. Wigs can be used to demonstrate a new appearance and hairstyle which could be removed from the head by simple operations. The toupee is a one of a kind hairpiece. The main function for the toupee is to reveal the look of a full head of hair even though hair loss has been suffered.

The application of the toupee is much more complicated than that of the wig. An adhesive is used in order to hold the toupee in place. The key point of the toupee is to match the wearer’s natural hair as closely as possible. Just like wigs, human hair, synthetic materials and animal hair are available materials for the toupee. Just like wigs, human hair is the best quality and it is better to turn to a stylist to attach the toupee to the scalp. Removing it only when a replacement is needed.

How to apply a Toupee?


1 Clean the scalp by rubbing alcohol or witch hazel to remove natural body oils. Use witch hazel if you have dry or sensitive skin.
2 Apply the liquid toupee adhesive or toupee tape around the edges of the inside of the toupee. To apply liquid toupee adhesive, use an applicator brush to apply a thin layer of the adhesive to the edges of the toupee. Place a towel down under the toupee to prevent the adhesive from getting on counters. To apply toupee tape, stick the tape around the edges of the toupee and smooth the tape down. Ensuring that the tape does not stick out past the edges of the toupee. Once the tape is securely in place, remove the protective backing from the tape and apply.
3 Hold the toupee over your head and find the place where the toupee will sit.
4 Press the toupee down on your scalp and hold. Wait for the glue to dry or tape to stick in order for the toupee to stay in place.
5 Style the toupee as desired.

Everyone wants nice hair when they attend parties. However, everyone is susceptible to a bad hair day. That’s why human hair pieces were created, so that everyone can have gorgeous hair.


Ponytail hairpieces are hair pieces for women with short hair who occasionally want the convenience of tying their hair back. Women can match the ponytail hairpieces to their natural hair color. 

You can add a ponytail to short cuts to add volume and length. Such human hair pieces can often be found at beauty supply stores such as Sally Beauty Supply. Hairpieces can be made from both human and synthetic hair. Clients can select the length that they prefer, making sure that the color and the texture match their own hair. 

Knowing how to attach ponytail hairpieces correctly will help to create a more realistic look. 

1. Wash and dry your hair as usual.

2. Gather all of your hair in your hand at the center of the back of your head for a regular ponytail or at the upper back of your head for a high ponytail. Smooth out any bumps with a brush or comb, before attempting to attach the fake ponytail.

3. Twist a thin hair tie around all of your hair as many times as needed until the hair is held tightly in place.

4. Squeeze claw handles with a claw. Once the claw is open, place the claw over your existing ponytail at the hair tie and release to close.

5. Wrap around your existing ponytail at the hair tie and tightly velcro underneath the hair tie if you are using a velcro ponytail hairpiece. Once the velcro is secured, wrap a piece of the hair several times around the hair tie area to conceal the velcro and use a bobby pin underneath to hold the fair securely in place.

6. Roll your existing hair into a bun with drawstrings. To do this, wrap the hair around your hair ties several times and pin with bobby pins. Place the opening of the drawstring ponytail over your bun, pull the two drawstrings very tight and tie underneath the ponytail. 

7. Twist your existing hair into a bun if you are using a ponytail with combs. Place the opening of the comb ponytail over your bun and tightly stick the combs into the hair on the back of your head. For extra hold, use bobby pins to secure the combs.

8. Once ponytail hairpieces are attached, work your hands into the hair so that it flows and combines with your own hair to create a natural look. 

Knowing how to attach ponytail hairpieces correctly will help to create a more realistic look. Also there are some other hair pieces for women, such as falls, weaves, etc., you can try to choose your favorite according to the requirements. 

Other hair pieces for women such as falls, weaves, etc, you can select a favorite according to your needs.