If you have fine hair and are looking for some guidance on how to wear your Luxy clip-in hair extensions, you’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes, it can be a little tricky to fully hide the clips of your hair extensions. The steps we share with you in this post, however, will help you blend your extensions naturally and seamlessly!

*Important: If you are experiencing excessive hair loss or medical hair loss conditions, we strongly advise to consult with your doctor first, to discuss if wearing clip-in hair extensions is right for you. 

Tip #1: Make a solid base for the wefts

In order for the weft to have something to hold on to without sliding, it is important to create a firm and thick base to which you will clip the weft. This will help secure it in place and prevent tugging on your hair. You can create this base by teasing the roots of the section to which the weft will be clipped on. 


Tip #2: Find the safe zone

A very important step when clipping in your extensions is figuring out what your “safe zone” is. This is the area on your head where the clips will not be seen. Usually, for fine hair, the safe zone is anywhere below the line of your eyebrows. Draw an imaginary circle around your head from one eyebrow to another; anywhere below that circle is where your wefts are going to be clipped in.


Tip #3: Position your wefts

We all have different hair types, head sizes, shapes, etc. Therefore, although there is a general sequence in which extensions should be clipped (can be found here), there is no one right way to do it. Play around with the wefts and find what positioning works best for you. Fine-haired ladies especially need to pay attention to the top of the head, to make sure that the wefts aren’t peeking through (remember the safe zone!). Read the next tip for some positioning suggestions.

Tip #4: Choose your wefts

Sometimes, you won’t need to use all the wefts, and that’s absolutely okay. If you’re struggling to find space on your head for all the wefts, there is a good chance that you don’t need to use all of them. Figure out which sequence works with what wefts, and only use those. Here are some ideas you can try:


Tip #5: Tease your Crown

Once your extensions are clipped in, you will notice the difference right away in how much longer and thicker your hair feels (great feeling, right??). Naturally, it may be noticeable that you have more hair at the bottom than at the top of your head. To make it look more natural, it’s a great idea to tease your hair at the crown to add some volume to match the rest of your hair. This will give an overall harmonious, voluminous look.


Tip #6: Choose the Right Extensions

If you have fine hair, we recommend going with the 120g Luxy Hair extensions, as they are specifically designed for thinner hair. This set will blend in beautifully with your fine hair, give length and volume, while maintaining a very natural looking effect.

Tip #7: Layer Them

Especially if your natural hair is layered, adding layers to your Luxy Hair extensions by a professional hairstylist can make all the difference! If you decide to get them cut, we recommend having them already clipped into your hair during the haircut. It will also be very helpful for you to come up with a numbering system for the wefts, so that you know exactly where each weft is supposed to be clipped in for the future uses.


Tip #8: Style Your Extensions

Although Luxies look amazing with straight hair, wavy or curled styles look a lot more natural. Wrap your natural hair and the extensions together around a curling iron to make sure they flow into one another. Learn how to do that herehere, or here.


Give these tips a try, as they will help you blend your Luxies in with your fine hair, to achieve a seamless and natural look. If you have any tips or tricks on how to wear extensions with fine hair, please share with us below. We love sharing with you and learning from you.


Super-Sexy Summer Hairstyles You Need to Try

If you ask us, there’s no better season than summer to freshen up your look—and a sexy new hairstyle is the perfect way to start. Need inspiration? Look no further than the red carpet.

Thanks to some helpful hints from Jessica Alba’s hairstylist, we now know our blowouts can remain flawless in peak humidity. Want to look chic without the fuss? Learn how simple it is to recreate Lea Michele’sflirty braid or Rihanna’carefree curls, with advice from their pros.



Rihanna’s carefree ringlets, which appear to have been effortlessly tossed to one side, are just as easy to recreate as the low-key vibe they give off. Her hairstylist Ursula Stephen began by misting a sea salt spray over her strands to bring out her natural texture—if your hair is already curly, we recommend an oil-infused version like Bumble and Bumble’s Surf Infusion  as traditional salt sprays can be drying. Stephen followed by pulling back one side, then anchored it underneath with a few bobby pins. As a finishing touch, a veil of Motions Light Hold Working Spritz for locations) added a humidity-proof barrier.



Is your already-straightened hair in need of some extra oomph? Follow in the lead of Victoria Beckham, who opted for an easy chignon that was anything but over-coiffed. On her dry strands, the star’s hairstylist Ken Paves applied a mist of the You Are Beautiful Volumizing Spray for extra lift, then smoothed over her layers with a round brush and dryer. After finishing a section, he would wrap each layer around a velcro roller to set, then went over her head with a layer of the You Are Beautiful Flexible Hold Hairspray which locked in the shape. Once her hair had set, Paves unwound the rollers, then pinned her layers into a bun shape on the crown, allowing a few wispy strands to fall around the face.



When you have stunning natural curls like Nathalie Emmanuel’s, not much is required to bring out the already-gorgeous texture. Her hairstylist Neeko concentrated a small amount of R+Co’s Jackpot Styling Creme  around the base, then used wrap lotion on her ends for extra definition. Over areas that needed a little extra love, he used a small 1/4 inch curling iron to impart a structured shape. After a blast of R+Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo  at the roots, and an all-over mist of the Outer Space Hairspray , she was ready to hit the red carpet!



Though Beyonce’s I Dream of Jeannie-esque updo, which she wore to the Met Gala, may be a little avant-garde for everyday wear, a sleek, high pony in the spirit of Queen Bey’s is an easy way to give an otherwise basic ensemble some high fashion flair. To determine placement, follow the natural line of your cheekbone as you gather your hair at your crown, or aim a little higher if you’re unsure. Anchor into place with a hair elastic, then pull out a small section to wrap around the base of the style, tucking the ends into the ponytail holder.



We’ve all had one of those rushed moments where we’re forced to leave the house with wet hair, but with a half-up style like Joan Smalls’, you can simply pin it back and let the summer air do the rest. On damp hair, create a precise center part, and run a styling mousse like John Freida’s Air Dry Waves Styling Foam  through your lengths. Then, grab two small sections on either side of the head, just above the ear, and begin twisting each into a plait. Pin both braids at the back of your head with bobby pins positioned into an X-shape to finish, and let the arid temps outside act as a natural blow-dryer.


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This is a real well known thing that the short hairstyles for women mostly including the bob hairstyle is never out of fashion for women of any age whatsoever there are usually a lot of celebrities including the actresses, models and other field related women, who sport the chick style of the bob hairstyle, the reason behind having so much praise is that actually it never goes out of the fashion and there is always a bob hairstyle version present for every single women if she is willing to give the bob hairstyle a try.

Bob hairstyle is almost very much preferred hairstyle, as we can continuously see such a large number of women supporting this hairstyle all over the world.

Layer bob hairstyle:

In this you can vary the length of the hair falling on your face and on the cheeks re length of the hair can also be from the cheeks of yours to you shoulders. If you want to give it a little bit of more oomph factor than you can also opt for the highlighting and low lighting in your hair more often.



Messy bob hair style:

Usually this is done by having irregular cuts at the ends of the hair and in this sense after proper styling the messy look is attained.



Bob hairstyle with bangs:

Opting for the bangs in the bob hairstyle reminds of the cute hairstyle always for any women of any age group, the front bangs always looks sophisticated and well mannered. Use anti frizz hair spray and hair products in order to maintain your hairstyle as by doing so your style will be managed for a long time.




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Every lash technician has the same goal – to provide the fullest lash extensions possible for each client. We all crave to provide that “wow” factor whether classic or volume lashing. If your sets aren’t making you swoon check these tips out to make sure you aren’t making any of these common mistakes!


  1. Improper Isolation

New Lash Artists always have one main struggle – and it’s usually about how to wrangle one tiny, itty-bitty natural lash between their tweezer tips to isolate it. We know it seems impossible sometimes but don’t cut corners! You may not think it’s a big deal if an extension gets applied to two natural lashes but its a HUGE deal! First of all, it cuts the potential for fullness in HALF! Think about it! If a client has 100 natural lashes per eye, and you apply the majority of extensions to two natural lashes, your potential goes from 100 extensions per eye to 50! Secondly, you WILL cause lash damage – ouch! Natural lashes aren’t all growing at the same rate. If you adhere multiple natural lashes together with lash adhesive, the natural lash growing slower will be pulled (and stressed) by the lash growing faster. This leads to stress, breakage and thinning of the lash line and breaks the cardinal rule of lash extensions: THOU SHALT NOT CAUSE DAMAGE!


  1. Not Extending Every Lash

A beautiful lash line has a large variety of different lashes mixed within it depending where each natural lash is in it’s growth cycle. Some lashes are just growing in, some are mid-growth and some are full mature lashes. Some lash companies teach to skip the smaller lashes – but that’s because back in the day we only had 0.15 and 0.20 diameters in our lash extension ranges! Now with diameters as thin as 0.05 there is NO reason why we can’t extend each and every natural lash with an extension. Shorter natural lashes get shorter, thinner extensions to keep them happy and healthy, while mature strong natural lashes get extended with length and more thickness. The result is fluffy, texturized lashes that look realistic and full!


  1. Coating Natural Lashes in Adhesive

A little lash adhesive goes a LONG way! Gone are the days of “painting” the entire natural lash in adhesive. Its unnecessary and stressful on the fragile tips of the natural lashes. To secure a lash extension to a natural lash dip 2mm of the extension base into the adhesive and apply securely to the base of the natural lash. The result? Instead of REPLACING thin natural lashes with a thicker extension by coating the entire natural lash into the bond and losing it — we ADD an extension to each natural lash which instantly DOUBLES the fullness in the lash line. The final result is fuller, softer lashes that are healthier, softer, and last longer!


  1. Too much length

Inevitably, the more you extend the natural lashes in length, the more spaced out the tips of the lash extensions will be. By keeping lash extensions only 2-3mm longer than the natural lash, they will look denser and more full opposed to super long sparse lashes. No one wants spider legs on their eyes, lashers! Tone it down for a classier look! And if you’re going to give them more length, add more texture within the lash line for multiple focus points (a method we teach in our upcoming ONLINE classes called Texturization which teaches a formula for perfectly full fluffy texture no matter how long the lash extensions!).


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Decide on the desired look while bearing in mind what will best suit your features; if in doubt, ask for an opinion.


Step 2.

Carefully consider your hair texture. For example, avoid wearing curly hair with a straight extension. It is not attractive and does not speak well of the individual as regards attention to detail.


Step 3.

Pay close attention to hair colour. There are different shades of black and some have a faded appearance. So unless you are trying to be dramatic, ensure that the extension matches your hair colour as closely as possible. That includes any colour you decide to wear.


Step 4 .

Length is also important.
 This is where your comfort-ability comes in. If you are accustomed to short hair and are not sure about wearing long extensions, go with what you are comfortable with; if you want to be adventurous, that is fully encouraged but remember to get something that will suit you and not someone else. After all, what looks good on one will not look good on all. Focus on accentuating your physical features.


Step 5.

Take into account, that the hair extension you choose will be worn for a length of time and should be chosen with occasion suitability in mind.


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If you want tips on maintaining tape in hair extensions you are in the right place. Do you want to have long, gorgeous hair like the women you see re-pinned on Pinterest daily? Are you thinking about getting tape-in hair extensions? Here are some things you should know.


Whether getting extensions to enhance volume or just to have long luscious hair, maintaining your hair is critical to getting full use out of those beautiful new locks.

Rumors will tell you that it is difficult to take care of your hair but if you follow these simple tips on maintaining hair extensions (many of which you are probably doing anyway) you’ll be able to maintain those extensions longer than you expected, and proudly overuse the hash tag #longhairdontcare under your selfies on Instagram until your heart is content!


  1. After you have your extensions installed do not wash your hair forAT LEAST48 hours. Your tape will need time to cure and washing will lessen the hold time. Not showering for 48 hours? Think of all the free time you will have! You can go out and cross an item off your bucket list, or you could nap. Think of how many naps you could take in 48 hours?
  2. DoNOTbrush your hair when wet. This is something that cannot be stressed enough. You also CANNOT wrap your head in a towel or flip your hair upside down and try to dry it with a towel. You need to slowly start at the ends and work your way up. Avoid squeezing and pulling your hair, slowly pat dry and reduce tangles.

It’s tempting to throw your hair up in a towel and be a genie for 10 minutes or flip your hair back and fourth but you really need to take your time after you shower to help your extensions last longer.

micro ring


  1. Do notEVERapply conditioner directly onto your bonds. This will make the tape lose and your extensions will fall out. This goes for any oils as well!
  2. Make sure your shampoo issilicone free! This is a HUGE must! Silicone will destroy your bond

#24 20inch-3

5. I know most women use some sort of heating tool on their hair every day. You can still continue to do so, just make sure you are not putting the heat directly on your bonds! The heat will loosen the bond.

6.It is very important to brush your extensionstwice a day. This will help from your hair getting tangled or matted. Not bad advice even without extensions really. Also be sure to put your hair in a loose pony-tail or braid before you go to bed every night.

E82205 (8)

Just because I think you deserve a bonus tip for getting this far! You need to remember that your hair extensions are holding onto your natural hair in some way. Tape, glue or silicone. YouMUSTremember to give our hair a rest every now and then by taking a break from extensions and being sure you do not shower every day. This will help your natural hair rejuvenate by taking back in its oil from your scalp. You will damage your natural hair tremendously if you do not give it a break every now and then.

This may seem like it is a lot of work but if you take it one step at a time it will become just a regular routine for you. Think of all the fun hairstyles you will be able to do with extensions in your hair!

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Finding the right eyelash extensions is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. When you set out to buy eyelash extensions, there are a number of things you have to keep in mind so that you can get the best product for the lowest price. Here are a few things to look for, whether you are starting a new venture or need a new product.



You have to keep up with what is the most popular types of eyelashes, and you need to know what the pros and cons of each of them are. This is helpful for two reasons. First, it lets you see how products are changing. Second, you will find that many customers will have done their research before making their final decision. You need to be able to tell them why you do or do not carry the most popular types. Having done your research beforehand will make it easier to help direct them to the best fit for their needs.


Lash Length

One of the most difficult aspects to judge is the length of the lashes. Everyone is going to want something different, so you have to buy eyelash extensions that cover a wide range of lengths. You will need to be able to help customers be able to determine the right length for their individual lifestyles. When researching the length of the different eyelash extensions, make sure to keep tabs on which ones are more durable so that you can provide extra care instructions for the really long lashes. If length significantly reduces the durability of lashes, you should probably consider an alternative or shorter extensions. This is all information you will need to be able to detail for customers.


Curve and Curl

The amount of curve and curl in lashes can help make them look longer or highlight the eyes. Some customers will want to be able to add some curl, so you need to know which brands are safe for additional curling and which ones provide the right curve so that curling is not necessary. Each brand and product is different and flexibility, depending on what the eyelash extensions are made of and how long they are.




You need to know what the product is made of before you make your final purchase. Mink is being widely touted as the best, but it has just as many drawbacks as synthetic eyelashes. Before you commit to buying a new type of eyelash extensions, know what they are made of, how long they will last, and what makes them different compared to the other types. You will need to be able to tell your customers why a particular type is better for their needs than others.





Take the time to read the reviews on each product you are considering. Your customers will likely read the same ones and their questions and interest will cover what they find in the same reviews. If you find that there is a particular problem associated with a certain kind of eyelash extension, you will be able to find out if there is a way to prevent that issue or help justify why you don’t carry that product.


In the end, knowing the pros and cons on the product is what will help you decide what is best for your business. If you would like help when you are looking to buy eyelash extensions for your business, you can contact us. We can help you review your options and figure out what is right for your company. Formore information, pls visit our website at http://www.goodyardhair.com


If your New Year’s resolution is to try new things, a great place to start is with your hairstyle! Check out these major ‘dos to rock as you ring in 2016

Pretty Sideswept Bun
Separate a 3″ section of hair at the front, then pull the rest into a low side ponytail. Twist and pin small pieces of the pony to create a pretty bun. Then, loosely drape the front section to frame your face, and pin into the bun.


Sleek Topknot
Holy chicness! Apply a lightweight gel to damp hair and slick into a high pony. Then split the length of your hair into two sections, twist them together, and wrap into a bun. Keep in place with bobby pins


Glam Waves
Let your hair flirt! Apply a volumizing mousse to damp hair and blow it straight, then wrap small sections around a medium curling iron. Add a metallic head wrap for extra glam!


Glittery Half-Up ‘Do
Make your favorite style extra-special for New Year’s Eve by adding an all-over spritz of glitter spray! Just keep the majority of your makeup matte, so you don’t look like you fell in a vat of fairy dust.


Ribbon Braid
Dab pomade on dry hair to give it grip. Take a long ribbon and wrap it like a headband, tying it at your nape. Gather hair to one side and braid, working on the ribbon as you go.


Cute Hair Bow
Apply a leave-in lotion to tame frizzies and blow-dry your hair. Twist two small pieces of hair back and tie them in a bow, just like you would your shoelaces!


What other hairstyle you like, welcome to receive your idea.

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Have you ever had a client come in for a routine lash fill looking like she had individually plucked off all her lashes?  This may be typical if your client waits much longer than the recommended time for a fill, which is about every 2-3 weeks, but if your clients are coming in with more than 50% of their lashes missing there is a problem!  A tragedy, really.

Not only will your client not be super happy, but you will be doubling your work (if they decide to come back to you)!  Why does this happen?  We want our clients to be happy and get the most out of their lashes.  But how can we help them?

Taking Care of the Adhesive



lash adhesive has a shelf life of 4 weeks once opened or 12 months if the seal has not been opened.

Using the adhesive past this time period is not recommended for several reasons.  Borboleta has limited the amount of preservatives and unnecessary chemicals in the adhesive as much as possible.  The integrity of the adhesive is naturally maintained up to 4 weeks.  After this time frame the adhesive begins to solidify inside the bottle due to the exposure to the air (opening and closing the bottle).  This makes the glue more clumpy and produces more water as a byproduct in the adhesive.  It becomes an unfavorable consistency and will not work as well to adhere to the natural lash.

If you are using fresh adhesive and proper technique, it is best to talk with your clients about their makeup routine to identify the problem.

Makeups to Avoid

Certain makeups can breakdown the adhesive quicker than others.  To understand why, you must know that cyanoacrylate is a polar molecule.  Molecules can either be polar or nonpolar.  In general, polar molecules are dissolved or broken down by other molecules that are polar.  The same is true with nonpolar molecules – nonpolar molecules are dissolved or broken down by other molecules that are nonpolar.

Many makeups contain both polar and nonpolar molecules.  Since cyanoacrylate is polar, products that contain more polar molecules should be avoided around your eyes.

Foundations and powders don’t have direct contact with your lashes, so they are generally safe to use no matter what the chemical composition. I will mostly be focusing on eyeliner, eyeshadows, and makeup removers.


Makeup Removers

Many oil-based makeups, including makeup removers contain molecules that have a polar head (or a polar part to the molecule).  This polar part will “attack” the cyanoacrylate and weaken the bonds between the lash extension and the natural lash.  Makeup removers and oil-based makeups should be avoided at all costs.  Even makeup removers that state they are oil-free often times contain polar molecules.

Makeup wipes are also not the best option for the same reason.

Eye makeup should be cleaned using the Borby Lash Bath (1 cup distilled water to 1 Tbsp baby shampoo and the tiniest pinch of baking soda) and your hands.  If you are wearing eyeliner, or makeup that requires a little more attention to remove, it is best to use a micro swab or lip disposable gloss applicator.  You don’t want to use Q-tips as the fibers will get caught in the lashes.

real mink fur


Wax-based eyeliners should be avoided.  Most eyeliner pencils contain some kind of wax, if that helps you identify wax-based eyeliners.  Eyeliners that contain wax help the eyeliner stick to your eyelids and also your lashes.  When wax-based eyeliners are removed it becomes a battle of whether or not they will be taking the lashes with them.

The lash trend lately has been leaning for a more natural and full look, so many girls have chosen to avoid eyeliner all together!   But if you are still set on using eyeliner the best eyeliners are liquid or gel based.  Erin’s favorite lash-friendly liner is Black Track by Mac, it’s a gel liner you apply with an angled brush.

horse hair


Most eyeshadows are safe and easy to use with lashes, because they aren’t immediately touching the lash line.  However, to be safe cream and paste shadows should be avoided as they are more likely to dissolve the adhesive and make your lashes fall off.

mink fur

Final Words of Advice

The best way to preserve the adhesive and get the most out of your lashes is to limit the amount of physical strain your lashes experience.  Meaning, the less you tamper with your lashes, besides the recommended washing and brushing, the better condition they will be.

Your lashes are supposed to be fun and an expression of you, so don’t stress too much about your makeup usage.

If  you ever wonder how celebrities can go from an on-trend pixie crop to flowing Rapunzel locks within one sleep, it has something to do with clip-in extensions, wigs and hair pieces… Yep, it’s not genes, it’s a salon-bought accessory that you can get your hands on too. From Beyonce to Blake LivelyJennifer Lopez to Jessie J and Rita Ora to Rihanna, see how Hollywood rock the trend below, but first, get the down-low on adding fullness to your mane. This 101 will tell you what you need to look for when purchasing them, how you put them in for a natural look and how you can maintain them so that they last as long as possible.



When purchasing hair extensions you want to get as close to your natural colour as possible and the best quality of hair you can.

When selecting the color, make sure you go shopping or to the salon during the day. Comparing hair color in the natural light is the only way to ensure you get the best possible match.

Ideally, always select real human hair extensions as they will last a lot longer and look a lot more natural. Sian Quinn, an Art Team stylist at Headmasters, says “the quality in human hair is much better and makes styling really easy”. However, this type of extension is pricier and, actually, there are a lot of false extensions available now that look pretty damn close to the real thing, so don’t fret if money doesn’t allow it.

Take your new extensions to your hairdresser and ask them to trim your hair with them in. That way, they’ll sit better against your head. If you color your hair and have selected real hair, your stylist will be able to color the extensions too; sadly synthetic doesn’t take to dye.



Once you’ve colour matched your extensions and had them trimmed to work with your style, take them out, wash them like you would natural hair (making sure you’ve checked which shampoos you can and can’t use on the hair or synthetic), and leave them out to dry, flat.


Next, section your hair into layers. Extensions are always clipped in to the bottom layer first, working up. Take these steps for each section:

  • Take a brush and gently backcomb the root sections of hair that you’ll clip the extensions into, finishing with a light misting of hairspray. By texurising the hair, you’re giving the extensions more to clip on to.
  • Next, clip in the extension in at a slightly uneven, slanted angle. If you clip them in totally straight, they won’t blend into the hair as naturally.
  • Once clipped in, brush your hair so that the extensions fall into your natural layers. Take a straightner and straighten the layer (check if stylers are compatible with your extensions), again, for blending purposes.

Once you’ve done each section of the hair, brush the full head and then either leave it straight or style as you naturally would using a tong or product (if you use synthetic hair, make sure they are heat-friendly). Comb your fingers through your hair and add some texturising product to the top roots for added volume.


It’s not difficult to keep your hair extensions in good tack, but it does take care and maintenance. Here are the golden rules:

  • Always brush your extensions with a soft bristle brush and never brush them if they’re wet.
  • Wash your extensions no more than three times a week. You want to keep them clean so oil doesn’t make them slip but you don’t want to overload them with product.
  • Always use a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfate strips hair of natural oils, as there is no direct supply of nutrients from your scalp into the extension strands, it’s vital that you avoid drying the hair out.
  • Adding 2-3 drops of dry oil, such as coconut or almond, once a week will help to boost the shine of your extensions.


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If your eyelashes are stubbornly-straight, chances are even after curling and using mascara they stick straight down and look sad. Having beautifully curled lashes make eyes look more awake, most of the time the right trick will help the lashes keep its curl. Here are a few tips to help fix droopy eyelashes


Heated Eyelash Curler

For stubborn, straight lashes that don’t seem to hold a curl- the Heated Lash Curler is the best for long-lasting results. The curler comes in a wand like shape that is much similar to a mascara brush, once the curler is heated use it to wiggle from the base of your lashline to the ends. You will need to hold the wand in place at the base for 5 to 10 seconds before moving upward. If you want thicker, darker, fuller and longer eyelashes, do not forget to apply mascara before using your heated lash curler


Curling Mascara

If you’re blessed with gorgeous long lashes, you probably have a hard time keeping them looking curled all day. The moment you finish curling your eyelashes, apply a thin coat of waterproof mascara and skip out on using volatizing mascara. A curling mascara provides lift immediately after curling and seals in your curl for all day wear. If your longer lashes ends up smearing mascara onto their lower eyelids, a waterproof formula is key. The consistency is lighter and have a drier texture so the lashes freeze in the curl quicker.


Fiber Volume

Goodyard lashes work best to build the look of more volume and thickness while holding a curl. The formula is lightweight with the black sculpting fibers seamlessly build onto your own lashes to achieve naturally voluminous lashes. If you struggle with false eyelashes looking too outrageous and unnatural, lash fibers create a flattering look of fake lashes without the application frustration. Most mascara will weight down the lashes causing them to appear droopy, Goodyard lashes are a better alternative!


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We know that hairstyle is very important for you because it is the part of your style. A right chosen hairstyle will bring you joy and good emotions. If you want to see which are the best hairstyles of 2016 continue reading and find one which perfectly describes your character and personality. Do not forget to consult with your hairstylist before going for any haircut. In all cases changes are good and they are meant to add some positive feelings to your life. Feel free to choose a hairstyle which you like.


Long Bob Hairstyle

Bob! Bob! Bob! This hairstyle has managed to fascinate many girls around the world. Bob hairstyle is suitable for women of all age groups. You can wear bob hairstyle in every season and still be fashionable and trendy. The most important thing is to find the one which is suitable for your character features.


Short Bob hairstyle

There is a special group of female who are fond of short hairstyles. Short bob is created especially for these types of females. Short bob is meant to frame your face and bring out your beauty. If you do not have a short bob hairstyle, think about getting it.


 Layered Bob Hairstyle

Layers are excellent for adding some texture and volume to your hair. Layered hairstyles in all cases look perfect and amazing. Even if you do not want to cut your hair you may simply add some layers and your hairstyle will continue look fresh and stylish


Braided Hairstyle

Braids! I will never get tired of speaking about braids because braided hairstyles are the easiest and at the same time most beautiful hairstyles. Many types of braids give you an opportunity to choose the one which is perfect for your face features.  If you are not good at braiding, I am sure you know how to get a simple braid so go ahead with a simple one and rock the style.


 Side Fishtail Braid

The most popular types of braided hairstyles are fishtail braids. This style looks perfect on long locks, so if you like it just get the side fishtail braid and have an impressive and attractive look.


 Bun Hairstyle

If you are seeking for a formal hairstyle, it means bun hairstyle is for you. It is very easy to style; you will need just five minute to get a bun hairstyle. Well, there are various bun hairstyles you may do your own research to find the type that you want. You can choose either low or high bun hairstyle.


 Ballerina Bun Hairstyle

Ballerina bun is the most popular among bun hairstyles. You can wear it for formal occasion. I do really love ballerina bun hairstyle.


 Curly Hairstyle

Curly hairstyle is really perfect and is cost to wear. Curly hairstyle is great for all hair types.  Curly hair gives you an opportunity to create different kinds of hairstyles. Use your imagination to get a unique style.


Wavy Hairstyle

Wavy hairstyle is the most popular one among celebrities and non-celebrities. You can wear wavy hairstyles for any occasion.


 Long Layered Hairstyle

As we have already mentioned layers add volume and texture to hair. If your hair is long you may opt for layers in order to break a monotone look of the style. With the layers hairstyle looks more interesting and capturing.


 Medium Length Layered Hairstyle

Medium is the best hair length that one may sport. Medium length hairstyle is the cool option for those who do not want to have both long and short hair. Particularly with the layers medium length hair looks too much feminine and attractive.



Messy Hairstyle

Tease your hair and get a messy hairstyle which will inspire you and kepp you energetic. Messy hairstyle recently has become one of the most popular hairstyles which are worth to try. This hairstyle leaves an impression like you just woke up and did not comb your hair.


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The Holiday’s are in full swing and we’re having blast thinking up all different kinds of holiday inspired lashes.

One of the best part of lashes is that they’re customizable. If you want to go and get a full set of red and green lashes, you totally can! If you want a more subtle sparkle for a New Years Eve party,

Heres some of our favorite looks and tips on how to recreate them.


Winter hues can last past the holly jolly season. Light and sparkly blues, give your eyes a nice ice bitten look.


How to get this look: Apply thin (.15) blue colored lashes to each natural lash to achieve a full look. Once lashes have cured, apply blue shadow with a thick shadow stick, like this one here.  It’s very important to wait until the adhesive cures (about 24 hours) to apply the shadow because when you wash off your makeup, you don’t want to effect your lash retention.


How to get this look: This look is a little darker and has more sparkle than the one above. To achieve this look, apply dark blue lashes to each individual natural lash. The thickness and diameter can be determine by client’s preference.

The added sparkle can be achieved by placing glitter lashes on the outer corners. We’d recommend using silver and blue glitter lashes, which can be found here.



How to get this look: This is a very subtle Christmas flair to a natural set of lashes. To achieve this look, apply volume lashes. Leave a few lashes on the outer corners unlashed. When you have finished applying all of the normal volume lashes, apply red lashes to the outer corner. If you wish, you can apply greenglittered or silver lashes to this look!


How to get this look: To achieve this look apply classic lash extensions to each individual natural lash. Leave a few lashes (about 15) unlashed from the center of the eye to the outer corners. Place one glitter lash extension to the remaining natural lashes.


Synthetic hair has made lots of technological advancements in recent years. In many cases, the texture and look of the hair feels and looks just like human hair. It also can be worn straight out of the box, unlike human hair, which usually needs styling first. Wave and curl patterns in synthetic hair have a “memory” wave, which allows the curls to bounce back without much effort, and it won’t frizz or droop in humid weather. However, because synthetic hair has different properties from human hair, you have to care for the hair differently in order to make it last as long as possible.

Part 1 of 4: Washing Your Synthetic Hair Extensions


1.1Purchase a mild shampoo. The shampoo should be a shampoo specifically formulated for synthetic hair. A shampoo for synthetic wigs works fine on synthetic extensions as well. However, if you cannot find a shampoo for synthetic hair, then a mild shampoo works fine too.

  • Not all shampoos are labeled mild or strong, so look for a shampoo without “sulfates,” which is a strong cleansing agent. Shampoos without sulfates are much gentler on the hair, and they’re usually labeled as “sulfate-free” on the front of the bottle.
  • You should be able to buy shampoos for synthetic wigs and extensions at a beauty supply store or wig store.



Comb out tangles with a wide tooth comb gently. A wide tooth comb won’t snag the hair like a comb with smaller teeth does. Work from the ends of the hair to the roots as you gently comb the tangles out. In other words, work from the bottom up.

  • To make the combing process easier, wet the hair by spritzing it with a spray bottle filled with water or detangling spray. Then, comb the hair.
  • If the hair has a really tight curl pattern, use your fingers to comb the hair. Your fingers are much gentler, won’t snag the hair and won’t disrupt the curl pattern like a comb does.
  • If you are wearing a wig or clip-in extensions, you might find it easier to take them off and then comb them.



Fill up a sink basin with water. The water should be cool to lukewarm — not hot. Make sure that the water is not too hot or it might change the curl or wave pattern of the hair. Fill up the sink to a level high enough to immerse all of the hair in the water.

  • If you’re extensions are not clip-in, or id you don’t want to remove them to wash them skip to step 4, which states to wet your hair and apply shampoo as you normally would.



Mix a capful of shampoo formulated for synthetic hair into the water. If you are washing a lot of hair, then mix two capfuls of shampoo into the water. Use your best judgment to decide if you need one or two capfuls. You don’t want to use too much shampoo because you don’t want to the cleanser to strip the hair of any coatings that give it a sheen or change the look and feel of the hair.

  • Using too much shampoo or a harsh shampoo can make the hair look dull.
  • Once again, if you want to wear your extensions while you wash your hair, wet your hair as you normally would. Then, apply about a capful of shampoo directly to the hair and distribute it through the hair.



Immerse your wig or hair extensions in the water. The hair should be fully submerged. Make sure it absorbs the water. Push it down under the water if necessary. If the hair is not wet enough, then the shampoo won’t be able to cleanse the hair.

  • If you’re wearing your extensions, skip to step 6 and massage the shampoo in.



Swish the hair around in the water by moving it from side to side. This is a method of agitating the hair without rubbing or scrubbing. Then, dunk the hair up and down. Go back and forth between swishing and dunking the hair until you think it is clean.

  • If you are wearing your extensions, gently massage the shampoo in, but do not rub. You don’t want to tangle the hair. Massage the shampoo in all around the hair for a few minutes until you feel it is clean.

Part 2 of 4: Conditioning the Hair



Purchase a detangling conditioner. You want to prevent the hair from detangling at all costs. If the hair gets tangled, then you will have to painstakingly detangle it without messing up the texture, curl or wave pattern of the hair. Since the hair is not natural, moisturizing conditioner won’t be as effective as it is on human hair because the synthetic hair can’t absorb it.

  • Conditioners are usually labeled by type. So, they will say moisturizing, volumizing, or detangling on the front of the bottle.
  • If you are still having trouble finding a detangling shampoo, check the children’s section. Several companies make shampoos and detangling conditioners for children.
  • If you want to add some sheen back to the hair, purchase a conditioner with some natural oils such as avocado or jojoba oil.



Refill the sink basin with water. Use cool water. Cool water is the best temperature to use for synthetic hair. Fill it up to a level high enough to cover all of your hair once you put it in the sink.

  • If you’re wearing your extensions, your hair should still be wet after rinsing out the shampoo.



Add a capful of conditioner to the water. Again, if you are washing and conditioning a lot of hair, use your best judgement. Add two capfuls of conditioner. You don’t want to add too much though. Too much conditioner can weigh the hair down.

  • If you are wearing your extensions as you condition them, add one or two capfuls directly to your hair and distribute evenly.



Swish the hair back and forth in the water. Agitate the hair by gently moving it back and forth in the water, just as you did before. You want just a bit of the conditioner to grab hold of the hair and condition it. Too much will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy since synthetic hair can’t absorb the conditioner the way human hair can. Keep swishing the hair around for a few minutes until you think the hair is conditioned.

  • If you’re wearing the extensions, continue to distribute the product the product through the hair by raking it through with your fingers.



Let the conditioner sit in the hair. Do not rinse it out.The conditioner should remain in the hair even if it is not a leave-in. If you prefer, use a leave-in conditioner on the hair instead. Use a water-based leave-in that typically comes in a spritz-style spray bottle.

  • You also can let the hair sit in the conditioner water for 10 to 15 minutes if you’re washing the extensions in the sink.
  • If you are conditioning with the synthetic extensions while you’re wearing them, simply spray in a leave-in. Leave the conditioner in the hair.
  • If you think that you have added a bit too much conditioner to the hair, spritz the hair with water from a spray bottle to gently rinse out some of it.

Part 3 of 4: Drying



Squeeze the excess water out of the hair. Simply place the hair in the palm of your hand. Then, close your hand as if you’re making a fist to squeeze out the excess water. Work from the ends of the hair to the top while gently squeezing. Don’t rub the hair against a towel, and don’t ring the hair the way you would ring out a towel.

  • This applies whether you are wearing the extensions as you wash them or not.



Place the hair extensions on a towel. Place each extension on a towel with space between each track so that the pieces don’t overlap. They will take longer to dry if you pile them on top of each other. Don’t disturb the hair by brushing or combing it while it is wet

  • If you’re drying a wig, place it on a wig stand to dry.
  • If you are wearing the extensions, blot the hair with a towel. Use a microfiber towel for the best results. It dries the hair without ruffling the strands of hair.



Air dry the hair. Don’t use a blowdryer. Blow drying the hair can permanently change the curl or wave pattern of the hair. In other words, it can damage the hair. Some synthetic hair has been specially formulated to work with hot tools, but most have not. It should say if you can use hot tools on your synthetic hair on the package . Even then, check the label to see if you can blow dry the hair.

  • For best results, allow the hair to air dry even if you can use hot tools on the hair.
  • This applies to clip-in and non-clip-in extensions.

Part 4 of 4: Styling



Comb with a wide-toothed comb. Using a wide-toothed comb ensures that you’ll have far fewer snags when you’re combing the hair since the teeth are wider. If the curl pattern is especially tightly curled, use your fingers to finger comb the hair. In this case, your fingers are your best tool.

  • Don’t brush curly or wavy synthetic hair with bristled brushes such as boar bristle brushes. These kinds of brushes can mess up the pattern and texture of the hair.



Spritz the hair with water to comb it. If the hair is curly, wavy or textured, this will be especially helpful. Water helps add slip so that you can move the comb through the hair easily. If you need more slip, add a little bit of leave-in conditioner to the water in the spray bottle. You also can purchase wig spray to comb the hair.

  • Lots of synthetic hair is tightly curled textured hair because synthetic hair can recreate the texture and curls of specific types of hair that is difficult to recreate with straight human hair — the original state of most extensions. Synthetic hair creates texture and holds the curl and waves better than human hair does. So, if you’re using curly and wavy synthetic hair and you want it to last longer, spritz the hair with water and comb through with your fingers.



Set hot tools to a cool setting. If you have synthetic hair that you can use hot tools on, make sure you use a cool setting on the flat iron or curling iron. Otherwise, you might melt the hair. Also, styling changes that you make with hot tools can set the hair permanently. So, be careful when you’re using flat irons and curling irons.

  • You also can curl straight synthetic hair with hot water. Set the hair on rollers, or whatever you’re using as a curling rod. Then, dip the hair in very hot water, or spray hot water on the hair if you’re wearing them. Place the hair on a towel to dry or let it air dry, and then remove the curling rods once it’s dry. Only do this if you really want to change the style of the hair. It’s not recommended to curl it and then try to straighten it. Synthetic hair can’t undergo frequent style changes so easily without damaging the hair.
  • If your synthetic hair does not say that you can use hot tools on it, then don’t. You might ruin or melt the hair.



Trim frizzy ends. Uneven, tangled and knotted ends can make your extensions look damaged and unkempt. Trim off the ends when they start to look bad. It will instantly revive the look of the hair and make it look better.



Rub some oil onto your extensions and comb it through. When your extensions start to look dry or without sheen, rub a light weight oil such as jojoba oil through the hair. Leave it for an hour, and then wipe off excess oil by blotting with a towel.. If necessary, wash out the excess with a dollop of mild shampoo and rinse.



Remove the hair extensions before they look ratty. Hair extensions tend to move up the hair shaft at around the six week point, making them become loose or uneven. After a while, even if you take good care of them, eventually they will have to be removed. They don’t last forever. So, plan a return trip to the hairdresser to get some replacements reinstalled.



  • If your extensions, don’t brush them and comb them gently. Otherwise, they will get frizzy.
  • If your synthetic hair is monofiber or thermofiber, you can use heated styling products, such as flat irons, curling tongs or hairdryers on a cool setting. The specific temperature that the synthetic hair can withstand should be stated on the packaging. If you exceed this level of heating, the hair will melt.



  • Daily care of hair extensions can be time consuming; set aside at least a half an hour a day to tend to them.
  • If you do not brush your extensions gently, you could break some of the fibers, cause tangling or frizzing.
  • Do not use hot tools or a blowdryer on 100% synthetic extensions


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It can take months and years to build the perfect regimen. Until then, it is important to make an intentional effort to pay attention to your hair’s needs over time, especially on wash day. Oftentimes wash day is dreaded, especially if you live an active lifestyle. The focus of wash day should be cleansing and replenishing the hair and scalp, in which both steps can be thwarted if done improperly. Want to know why your hair is dry only hours after washing it? Here’s why.

  1. Rubbing your hair

Shampoo commercials and sensual movie scenes make disheveling your hair with shampoo and piling it atop your crown appealing, but it is actually detrimental to your strands. Tousling your hair not only induces tangles but also further lifts the hair’s cuticle. Shampoo expands the cuticle in order for it to effectively cleanse, so you want to stroke the hair downward to encourage the cuticle to lay flat. When scrubbing your scalp the hold the ends of the hair taut with one hand and massage the scalp with the other hand. Remember to be gentle, as hair is too elastic and prone to break when wet.


  1. Co-washing after clarifying

Clarifying is a necessary and co-washing is optional. Clarifying is meant to thoroughly remove all product buildup, excess sebum, and debris from the outdoor elements. Co-washing is meant to refresh the hair with moisture while gently removing some buildup. Both are cleansing methods and should not be done subsequently. If you choose to clarify, then deep conditioning afterwards is important. If you want to co-wash, you do not have to follow up with a deep condition but you certainly can.

  1. Deep conditioning before cleansing

Deep conditioners are to be used after cleansing, not before. Shampoos usually have a pH balance of 8, which is slightly alkaline, enabling the hair shaft to swell and raise the cuticle layers for thorough cleansing. Deep conditioners have a pH balance between 3.5-6 to close the cuticle and seal in moisture. Both have surfactants that function differently. Cleansers attract dirt and oil while conditioner leave a film containing moisturizing properties on the strands. If your cleanser is so harsh that your deep conditioner cannot restore the moisture, then change your cleanser, deep conditioner, or both.


  1. Not applying a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer

It is essential to apply a leave-in co  nditioner or moisturizer after washing your hair. Although conditioners leave a film on the cuticle, it is not sufficient to maintain moisture. It is important to apply a moisturizer or leave-in conditioner while the hair is damp or wet to trap moisture in the strands. Moisture comes from water, so it is important that there is a trace of water on the hair before applying a moisturizer. Going directly from rinsing off a deep conditioner to applying a styler will certainly leave your hair dry, especially if the styler is not formulated as a 2-in-1 product.

  1. Not sealing

This may not be applicable to everyone, but there have been many testimonies and scientific backing for sealing your hair with an oil or butter after applying a moisturizer. This method is commonly known as the LOC method and it creates an extra barrier will also help to reduce moisture depletion after wash day.


How do you prevent moisture depletion on wash day? Looking forward to hearing more ways from you .

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