Things you should consider before buy African American Wigs

Things you should consider before buy African American Wigs

African American women will find several different types of options when shopping for a wig. Prior to purchasing, it is important for women to fully understand their options so they choose the best possible wig to fit their needs. If you’re unclear about how to narrow down styles and pick ones that will work best for you. This guide will walk you through the ins and outs of the 4 Cs of Wigs: Composition, Cut, Cap Size and Color.


Composition: Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wigs. When an African American woman chooses to purchase and wear a wig she must first decide if the wig should be made of synthetic fibers or natural hair.

Cut: At the beginning, you may want to stick close to a style you’re familiar with. A more drastic change can always be made later as you get used to wearing a wig.

Cap Size: While average size wigs tend to fit about 95% of customers, you will find that quite a few wigs also come in petite and large sizes.

Color: Most African American wigs come in a wide range of colour choices and color rings can be purchased to help ensure an accurate colour match. If you have a warm skin tone, you want to choose a wig in a golden brown, chestnut, or rich auburn. If you have a cool skin tone, you’ll look best in a black, brown, or blonde wig as long as you avoid yellow or golden highlights. For a first time wig, most people suggest sticking fairly close to your natural hair colour. However, if you’re in doubt, go a bit lighter as darker wigs can easily overwhelm your face.


Understanding Yaki Wigs

Yaki wigs are some of the most popular types of wigs for African American women. Yaki is a hair texture that is created to look and feel like African American hair that has been processed by relaxers.There are four primary types of yaki wigs: Regular Yaki; Straight Yaki (or Silky Yaki);Kinky Yaki; Coarse Yaki.

Everyone has their own Synthetic Full Lace Wig

Everyone has their own Synthetic Full Lace Wig


The type of full lace wig material can be divided into Real Human Hair and Synthetic fiber. Human hair full lace wig has the advantage of strong sense of reality, but also can be stained. But the price is not easy to finalize stereotypes. The price of Synthetic full lace wig is relatively cheaper, if the choice of imported materials made in appearance, feel color, sag, etc. are not inferior to the real human hair effect.


Good synthetic fiber hair is generally fine hair, handmade more refined, the scalp is more like true, the effect is better ventilation. Good synthetic fiber is specifically for the manufacture of wigs out of the ordinary fiber can not be replaced, high-quality wig materials used to take into account the human hair section, the intensity of gloss, thickness, toughness and elasticity, but also to prevent static electricity. Only to choose this full lace wig wearing a realistic and fashionable.


%e5%9b%be%e7%89%874As I have said that Everyone has their own synthetic full lace wig.

So How to choose the hairstyle of your synthetic full lace wig?


Round face: Select some can cover the cheek in the long hair, make the face as long as possible, while the full face is petite.


Oval face: you can choose some bangs forty-six or thirty-seven minutes, the overall large wavy wig, so smooth lines set off in the ribs, will make the whole face looks vivid and streamlined.



Square face: the face of the lady must be careful, if not pay attention to their blunt face defects exposed, it should try to choose some lower levels on both sides, hair curly hair, make the face look Soft many, make you more gentle and charming.

Diamond face: This face is more suitable, especially the forehead part of the loose, the jaw is also fullness of the hair, so the overall feeling will be very coordinated, as is now popular pear head.




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5 Tips To Care Curls of African American Wigs

5 Tips To Care Curls of African American Wigs


If you begin learning more about human hair, you’ll soon discover that it comes in way more than one texture. Hairs can be from straight to slightly wavy to super tight curls, but many people of African descent find that their natural hair falls somewhere in between. The care and feeding of them is similar among them. Want to care those curls without worrying about a lot of frizz? These 5 curly hair tips are made for anyone seeking well-defined curls.


  1. Shampoo in the shower

This is the best way to cleanse and condition your hair because it keeps your curls pointing downward. Instead of flipping your head over, washing your hair while your head is upside down, and then flipping your head back, simply let the water run down the length of your hair as you stand straight under the shower head.

  1. Keep hair well-moisturized

Not with oils, but with regular cleansing, conditioning and deep conditioning. Curls that are dry and parched simply won’t have the same definition that well-moisturized curls will have.

  1. Apply products while wet

Your hair should be as wet as possible when you begin the styling process. After shampooing and conditioning, do not towel dry. In fact, don’t bring a towel anywhere near your curls.

  1. Divide hair into sections

To ensure full coverage of hair products, you’ll need to section your hair. Depending on thickness, this may be anywhere from two to eight sections. Use plastic clips to hold hair out of the way. It’s usually easier to begin at the back of the head.

  1. Scrunch with care

In many cases, scrunching is for wavy hair that’s trying to become curly. Once you have products in your hair and it’s combed through to your satisfaction, allow it to air-dry as much as possible before you scrunch.


   Wigs have been a popular fashion accessory of sorts for decades and the wigs of today are very different than the uncomfortable, heavy, helmet looking wigs from the past. Today high quality wigs are light weight, comfortable, painless to wear, realistic looking and easy to care for. New innovations in the wig industry include special features that address issues like security and even additional comfort including, non slip linings and softer fiber wigs.

Even with the latest, innovative wig improvements, several misunderstandings persist when it comes to wigs, including whether or not wearing one can cause health problems. The following will shed some light on the possible health issues wearing wigs can cause and answer the question: “Are wigs bad for your hair?”.

%e5%9b%be%e7%89%871Possible Wigs Problems

  • Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Dandruff
  • Damaged hair (breakable, lifeless)
  • Allergy


– Can wigs cause headaches?

   Wearing a wig can cause headaches, if a wig doesn’t fit properly or is worn incorrectly. It can also place pressure on the head and end up causing frequent headaches. However, in most cases if you loosen the wig cap slightly you can alleviate the problem.

– Can wigs cause hair loss?

Wearing wigs may damage even healthy hair and cause hair loss if certain steps aren’t followed:

  • It is important that yourhair is clean and conditioned regularly, even if you plan on wearing a wig.
  • Before putting on the wig, taking the timeto position your hair instead of simply jamming it under the wig will go a long way toward preventing both breakage and hair loss.
  • For individuals who are bald or balding, wearing a synthetic hair alternative lead to scalp health problems because it won’t get the natural body oils it needs and will end upextremely dry. A dry scalp can be painful at times and can lessen your chances of new hair growth. So sure to go without the wig enough to give your head plenty of exposure to fresh air and natural oils to avoid dry scalp.

– Are wigs bad for your hair?

   You will want to make sure you aren’t allergic to any of the material used in the wig you are going to be wearing of course.

   Dandruff, hair breakage and etc. are caused by hypoxia (lack of oxygen in head skin and hair root tissues). So you should buy a wig that is made of quality materials, let the skin and hair breathe, not to wear the wig twenty four hours if there is no medical necessity (baldness).

 – Which are better for health: synthetic or human hair wigs?

While there are many different types of wigs styles and both synthetic and human hair selections, most of them will cause the same health problems if proper care isn’t followed.

It is recommended to use natural human hair wigs, but synthetic wigs also can be made of quality materials that are even useful for health and stimulate hair growth (for example: seaweed).


These kinds of health issues are extreme cases and if you invest in a good quality wig, make the time to prepare your scalp and properly position your hair prior to wearing a wig and follow other above mentioned tips, chances are good that you won’t experience any side effects at all.


Luckily, there aren’t any serious health problems that occur from wearing today’s wigs. New wig design innovations have resulted in feather light wigs, many that weigh less than 2 ounces. In addition, softer, finer cap fabric is used in their construction allowing for greater air circulation and special features include velvet bands for added comfort and different sizes which ensure a perfect fit.


A few advices to prevent wigs problems


“You get what you pay for”, so it is worth to invest in a high quality wig that is made of quality materials, even it is relatively expensive.


Take care of your natural hair.


If there is no necessity, do not wear a wig twenty four hours a day. It is recommended to wear a wig maximum a few times a week, mostly 4-6 hours a day.


Regular and correct care for a wig is necessary.


Appropriate wig storage, regular ventilation is also very important.


Properly regulate a wig cap.


Choose Goodyard high quality hair wigs~


Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Human Hair Full Lace Wig

Lace cap is a special hood made on a transparent lace base. Lace cap is a real hair in the transparent lace at the end by a professional technician with hand-woven. The general production of full lace wig is about 7 to 15 days. Full lace are expensive wig. The full lace wig is moderately durable in time. For example, the wearer can take a bath, swim, and can

wear it to participate in strenuous sports.


Full lace wig are generally made with Indian hair or the Chinese hair to do with the hair material, mesh cap is generally 64 # net and it is pure Swiss imports net hat, this mesh material is characterized by relatively detailed network port, and more durable , The disadvantage is higher hardness. There are four general colors: transparent, light brown, medium brown and dark brown to suit the skin color of different customers.


How to wear a full lace wig:

1 First, there is a stretch of the net side of the side down, the other one up.

2 With elastic band over there to suppress their own fortune, do not let their true hair ran out, the other side up, put his hair tiled inside the hair net, so as not to wear a headgear will be uneven.

3 The hair evenly tiled in the hair inside the network, the top port at the top of the mouth like, do not need special fixed. : Headgear wear from front to back, and then adjust the back of the inside of the two size adjustment buckle, two buckle in the middle there is a strip of cloth on a number of small lattice, according to their head size need to adjust the buckle Into the can.

4 Bangs free to get naturally can. : To find the temples have two small salient, this is to check the location of the worn headgear is, with your thumb and index finger pinch, pull down and may be appropriate to adjust the position of the headgear.

5 Wear is complete, you can grab a few head cap, get fluffy.

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How to care for the wig

Wigs are generally cleaned once every 3-7 days. Before washing, first use coarse tooth soft brush or comb tooth comb lightly from top to bottom, the dirt, dust, scrub clean. Then put the head cover into the detergent dissolved in warm water (water temperature 25-30 ℃) soak for 10 minutes, then gently wash your head with a hand rinse.


Attractive African American Wig Styles

Attractive African American Wig Styles

There are different wigs available in the market today that suits different kinds of women. From style, color, length and texture, wigs will definitely suit at least one girl looking for one. For African American women ,there are a wide variety of African American-styles hair wigs that will suit the way they look and give them a natural appearance.

Enjoy a new style of your own creation and don’t be afraid to try something new!!!


     Synthetic Short Hair Style

Thinking about doing something crazy to your hair? Why not thinking of making craziness into a lot of fun with a sweet short hair style. This style can make African American Woman feel more sexy and attractive. This style is simple to add color and deal with, they will be the perfect hairstyle to just wear and run out the door. The simplest hairstyles will make you look nice and fresh!



Long Curly Synthetic Wig Hairstyle

Get inspired with curl styles! Do not be afraid to try new hairstyles with your own curly hair. Curls can sometimes be hard to style, but you can always come up with something that was not expected such as like straight hair, ponytails, and different braid styles. Try some of these easy and fun long curly hairstyles to rock your voluminous locks, and you’re sure to turn some heads on your next party or business event!


Fabulous Hairstyles

Do you need a specific hair length to achieve the perfect look? No, regardless of the hair length whether it’s short, medium, or long you can always achieve a fabulous hair style. In the case of this round-up it’s all about the beauty, functionality and eliminates hair extensions. Come on ¡¡, and try a Round-Up hairstyle and achieve that glamorous look you’ve always wanted!

How to maintain your Lace Front Wig


  1. Commonly used to take off on the bracket

Every day when you don’t wear your wig, you should put a wig placed, put on the bracket.

  1. Not commonly used should put them in plastic bags

If there is a period of time not wearing a wig or do not wear, it is necessary to collect the wig, it is best not to exposure in the air, easy to dust or messy, so it should be put a wig received the original use wig, or received in the plastic bag.


  1. Regular cleaning wig

If often wear a wig, it is recommended washed once a week, cleaning time to pay special attention to the wig is not wash with hot water, will destroy the hair quality, and can’t be a long soak in the water. After the cleaning, the airing in the ventilation automatic air dry.

  1. Hair care to keep the bright lubrication

Cleaning wig when must not hand to rub, see wig knot not to pull, should use conditioner, gently straighten out, and the use of conditioner wig will be glamorous, like just bought.


  1. Sparse tooth comb to straighten out the wig

Usually take off the wig should use the kind of sparse comb gently straighten out the wig, clean up the dust. Select the sparse combs, in order to prevent the dense comb easily put the wig broken, can also use special wig comb.

  1. Curly hair wig can’tuse comb

If you hair is curly hair, then you must not use a comb to take care of curly hair Oh, and finally to gently take care of the hand gently on the line, with a comb to take care of the volume of curly hair do not.


  1. Wig turn wet towel rescue

If the hair wig accidentally bent to do, must not use a hand to pull straight, easy hair. If you are too lazy to wash it, you can cover the wig with a towel to dry naturally, will straighten.

  1. Non oil maintenance liquid nursing wig

Wig for a long time, there is no started to buy that beautiful black, actually every day before wearing a wig with non oily skin care liquid in the wig spray some wigs can not only anti electrostatic, and restore the original appearance, lubrication and stylish.


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What is a Lace Closure?

Lace Closures Explained

Lace Closures are a fairly popular item for women who care about their hair. The flexibility and versatility of closures makes them applicable for just about all types of hair, whether natural, scanty, permed or the less thrilling receding hairline. Our natural hair doesn’t always blend well with foreign textures; for instance Brazilian or Indian, and as a result, some weaves tend to reveal breakage, bald spots and thinned edges: closures can be used effectively to prevent such occurrences. We answer the question, What is a Lace Closure?


If you know what to look for in Lace closures, you will have an easier time at the beauty salon. Here are some facts and tips about closures you should know about:

  • A lot of women tend to confuse frontals with lace closures. Closures are not frontals; however, frontals can be considered closures. Lace frontals are basically a hairpiece which mimics a person’s hairline, covering it up from ear to ear.
  • Closures come in different forms and sizes so not every purchase would work for you. Look for the size that works perfectly for your scalp so that it fits well. Laced based closures are preferable because they lay flatter and are more comfortable.
  • Never use glue for your closure; it’s a common mistake among women and it could lead to hair loss. Sew the closure in to avoid spoiling it or losing hair.
  • Closures cover the crown and though a frontal can be sewn or clipped in the back, the best method for putting it in place is by bonding. The bonding process involves liquid or tape adhesive whereby the adhesive is applied sparingly to the lace mesh and then carefully secured on the front part of the hairline.
  • When wearing a weave, keep the area at the front hairline and crown well blended.
  • Sewn-in or bonded weaves usually require lace closures to cover the top area where the track hair or weaving hair gets sewn/bonded down. This process often creates an area called the “horseshoe” where some hair gets left out. Closures can be used to cover up that area and add some decorative style to enhance the weave.
  • Always make sure you tint the materials used on your closure so that it matches your scalp. When you properly tint the closure it makes it easier to part, pull back or twist your hair in any style you want without drawing attention to the closure.
  • You may use liquid, tape adhesives or weaving thread to apply closures: that will create a natural-looking head of weave. Just about everyone will be convinced it’s your natural hair.
  • In order to get the best results, always get your closure fitted by a professional.



Apart from lace closures, several other types of closures exist. They include the following:

Silk Base Closures:



Monofilament closure:


It’s essentially a mesh which happens to be the most durable type of closure and is applied in a single-strand method, hence the name mono-filament. It is perfect for stiffer hairstyles with full bangs because it maintains the original shape without much effort. The mesh creates a natural-looking transparent base which happens to be transparent and makes the scalp look better. Skin-polyurethane closure: comes in a thin, flexible silicone base which tends to create the illusion of a natural scalp. It is not durable though, and it doesn’t let air in so it would not be ideal in hotter climates.


Combination/Hybrid closure:

Uses the longevity of monofilament and combines it with lace so as to create a natural-looking hairline. Hybrid closures come in high density especially in the portion with monofilaments and the lace when combined with flesh-tone silk creates a more natural look.


Invisible Part Closure:


This type of closure involves wefted hair sewn into a mesh base. It usually comes in an oblong shape and can be fitted in at an angle, where the depth of part can be manipulated without including the hairline.

How to Choose Human Hair Lace Wigs Online

What do you think is the best way that you can get the desired gorgeous look and impressive personality?

Maybe you are used to choose the right hair style and clothing in a better combination with jewelry.

This question is very common among women who often visit beauty shops and hair care salons to make their own style statement and personality appearance. For them, selecting of the suitable human hair wigs is certainly the best choice. For gorgeous women who are not satisfied with their hair length and thickness or the color of their real hair, they always choose from variety of human hair lace wigs that are made from 100 percent human hair. Manufacturers in China and different other countries are offering you a variety of lace wigs that you can choose from. If you are looking for such lace wigs and virgin hair for your business or customers, you can choose some better suppliers online at the right website.

Selection of human hair lace wigs is very easy. choose from the varied styles from the good supplier. Human hair wigs are categorized by full lace wig, lace front wig, machine made wigs. You can also search texture styles such as body wave, deep wave, water wave, loose wave, straight, loose curl, afro curl, deep curly, Kinky Curly etc. you can choose the specifications that can match all your needs and suitable for your personality or you like.

There are different types of human hair wigs in different colors, sizes, cap constructions, lengths and styles available from suppliers online for your choice. You must find the right company that can supply you best quality products to buy the perfect hair products you desire in your budget and the choice of your customers. Prices are competitive and will go well your budget. You can place sample order online first from a supplier before place bulk order. Some attractive discounts are also provided to you while deals run for bulk order. There is a lot more for you to choose from a selected company. So what you are hesitating for, contact sales on the site, make a decision to go ahead and place your sample order.



Hair Growth Products and Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss is a worldwide phenomenon and according to a recent survey affects approximately forty million people in the USA alone. Unfortunately there are many myths surrounding hair loss and its cure. The good news is that with proper care; this condition is generally curable. New Generation hair care products have evolved as a globally recognized successful treatment for preventing hair loss.

Unhealthy lifestyle choices as well as medical conditions can contribute to hair loss, however with proper care, and if necessary proper medical attention, it can be reversible. A frustrating and sometimes embarrassing problem, hair loss can be caused or amplified by many physical conditions such as;

– Anemia – Thyroid Malfunction – Medications – Scalp Inflammations (Eczema, Seborrhea and Psoriasis) – Fungal and Bacterial Infections – Hair Trauma, such as tight hair bands, caps, cornrows or braids – Stress – Smoking – Poor Nutrition


It is important to select a hair care system that will address your particular needs directly and provide an effective solution. New Generation’s team of experts developed an extremely versatile solution that can address one or more conditions contributing to hair loss. This formula has been used worldwide to effectively treat hair loss and improve hair growth.

Understanding and sympathetic to the different hair care needs of men and women, New Generation has developed products with these distinctive needs specifically in mind. All New Generation products have been laboratory tested and proven to be an effective hair loss prevention system by following a few simple instructions. The New Generation Hair Care products are free from side effects, replenishing the scalp and the hair naturally.

New Generation has vast experience in the field of hair care products, developing formulas through extensive research using the most effective natural ingredients without the addition of chemical ingredients. Hair care products containing strong and harsh chemicals can do damage to healthy scalp and hair, and threaten even more damage to the compromised scalp, hair and follicle. The strong chemical composition can rob the scalp of vital nutrients and result in hair thinning and in long term, even permanent hair loss. Fortunately, New Generation hair care products offer a natural hair loss prevention system that is derived from natural herbal ingredients and offer a mild, soothing treatment for your hair.

Recognizing the value of and developing relationships with our customers for three decades, New Generation is recognized as both an industry leader in effective hair loss products and in customer service around the world.